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Action Vinyls™ – Verb plus noun.
Definition – Embodies high quality, high paint detail, artistic characterization, nuanced sculpt detail, and thoughtful presentation. All traits associated with an influential, taste making Art Vinyl Toy. Also includes several points of articulation, hyper posable and gesturing abilities, includes several interchangeable accessories, collectible stat cards and resealable collector boxes. All traits associated with a super killer Collectible Figure, but pint size – 3.25” tall on average. As the influential Reeses™ once proclaimed – “You dipped your chocolate into my peanut butter!” – in our case, Voila, the perfect hybrid collectible –ACTION VINYLS™
The Loyal Subjects™ - Action Vinyls™ - House of Brands
Follow the serene Blue Logo to collectors’ bliss!
The Blue logo is the start. When you see the Blue logo, immediately descriptives come into play; high quality, great chase figures, mega poseability, tons of accessories, collector cards, cross pollinating universes, great size, great style, great after market value, detailed paint, detailed and nuanced sculpts, huge character assortments, and story. Underneath the Blue Logo is Action Vinyls™; including all the same great details and nuances but adding the elements of interaction, play, fun, and all the buttons and whistles signaling to collectors looking for a better experience! After Action Vinyls™ are the House of Brands; Game of Thrones, Predator, Aliens, WWE Super Stars, My Hero Academia, Ghostbusters (40+ licenses, hundreds of licensed characters!) – The
Players/Actors in your story universe!

The Loyal Subjects™, Action Vinyls™ program’s intent is to promote culture, story telling, fun, interaction, trade, community – all the great ecosystems important to the collector; experienced or newbie. Our collectibles are more than just totems locked in a box and displayed behind glass. Our collectibles come to life in your hands, in your collection, on your shelves. The possibility, armory of accessory, and the great gestural and detailed sculpts allow the user to retell (or create new) storylines from Movies, Classic Movies, Cartoons, Historical Events, Sporting Events, Personal Experiences, TV Shows, Video Games. The collector can commingle heroes from one movie with heroes in another, same with villains!
The figure form promotes, and cultivates the user’s imagination. Bottom line, it’s about FUN. The Loyal Subjects™, Action Vinyls™ conjure the kid in all of us; from great memories past and present, like memories from your favorite Christmas or Birthday! These dynamic collectibles puts us all back into the blanket forts, back into the sandbox where imagination runs supreme with the help of great collectibles!
In conclusion – the guidelines and requirements are simple – Let Imagination rule, and have fun. Action Vinyls™, the wealth of characters, the army building experiences, and all the fun accessories are all the tools you need to tell your story inside the Action Vinyls™ Multiverse!
The Management.
The Loyal Subjects Wave 2, LLC