The Loyal Subjects Scene

As Donnie and Marie famously said when describing their act, "I'm a little bit Country and I'm a little bit Rock and Roll", or the incidental marriage of two flavorful elements (Chocolate and Peanut Butter) merging into a tasty flash of brilliance, the same experimental spirit can be said when describing The Loyal Subjects - "We're a little bit Willy Wonka, dunked in a Koonsian ether topped off with some Iggy Pop." Voila! The Loyal Subjects in a nutshell.

The Loyal Subjects was born in 2009. Our Mission? Let's have fun, do what we like and keep true to a creative spirit. So far so good. What do we value? The creative process, our ideas and most importantly, YOU!

We hope that we can keep you engaged, entertained and we plan on surpassing your expectations. Stick with us kids, we're going places!


The Loyal Subjects, a well known collectibles and designer art toy company teams up with Hasbro to introduce a new line of collectible Transformers and G.I. JOE figurines.  The Transformers collectibles are a range pulled from the Transformers' most famous and infamous characters.  Heralding from the collector's choice, the Gen 1 Transformers Universe.  The Transformers line targets age group 15 and up and has been well received by the Transformers faithful, selling out of the first run before the product landed.  Some of the chase figures are selling upwards to $100.00 on Ebay.  The collectibles boast several points of articulation, unique sculpted and nuanced character attributes, character specific accessories, Bio cards and most importantly, you're favorite character!

The G.I. JOE collectibles are equally nuanced.  Packed with your favorite character attributes as well as the best heroes and the worst villains.  Standout characters like Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Cobra Commander, Zartan, Destro, Duke, Gung-Ho and some highly sought after chase figures make this series a must have for all the G.I. JOE faithful.  Multiple and interchangeable accessories lift this collection to stand above the rest. 25k units sold in 3 weeks can't be wrong.  The Loyal Subjects has infused our licensed collectibles with the art, quality, nuances, details and value that our collectors expect. Just like Lays, you can hardly just buy one =)"