2010 TLS DesignerCon Exclusives

We are proud to announce the release of BUFF MONSTERS DESTROYER - DESIGNER CON EDITION.  A tantalizing and titillating monstrosity.  A monster released from the depths of the dark underworld whose only goal is to wreak havoc on cities and fans.  This 14" bearer of bad news boasts four points of articulation and unique and detailed decoration.  Signature Buff Monster Trademarks adorn this beast.  A green "MEANIE" if ever there was one, complete with fixated, pink death eyes!  Beautiful decoration and showcasing unique patterns, all dripping down to a center point beneath the monster.  A must have for any Buff Monster collector. THE DESIGNER CON DESTROYER will be available ONLY @ Designer Con in Pasadena, Sat November 20th, 2010.  Buff Monster will be on hand to sign the DCON GREEN DESTROYER.  The Signing starts at 11am and will end a little after noon time.    The GREEN DESTROYER is limited to 98 pieces and will retail for $115.00USD.  GET THERE EARLY!

We are proud to announce the release of JOE LEDBETTER'S PICO AND WILSHIRE - LAVA EDITION exclusively for DESIGNER CON. This terrific 2-figure set depicts Pleistocene drama at its finest! Trying to prove himself to the pride, an ambitious Sabertooth Cat (Pico) takes on more than he can chew with a peaceful Wooly Mammoth named Wilshire. 20,000 years ago they roamed what are now the streets of Los Angeles in large numbers.
Speaking of large, this figure set is HUGE! The Sabertooth Cat (PICO) is nearly 6" and the Mammoth (WILSHIRE) stands 12" tall! Pico sits firmly on the back of Wilshire, as he sinks his claws into the back of the hairy pachyderm waiting to drive those sword-like incisors into the neck of this worried furry fella. The figure set boasts precise and detailed decoration, a silver metallic outline and packaged in a large double-sided window box. The set is limited to 98 units and will retail for $170.00USD.

Available ONLY @ DESIGNER CON @ 1p PST, Saturday November 20th, 2010. Joe Ledbetter will be on hand signing Pico and Wilshire between 1 and 2:30p. GET THERE EARLY!!

Will Pico feed his family? Will Wilshire escape to live another day? Or will they both meet their demise in the clutches of the La Brea tar pits?

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