Dear Loyalists,

Thank you to everyone for all the support, and patience these past few weeks.  We are truly grateful for the outpouring of love, and understanding in regard to the shipping delays.  We're finally getting things back on track, and shipping web orders at a steady pace.  We do however have some not so fun news to share about the 8" Metallic & Regular edition Jumbo Leo's ordered from our web store.

If you already received your order, consider yourself lucky.  ALL pending orders for the 8" Jumbo Leo (Regular and Metallic Edition) are currently on standby awaiting the arrival of our stock replenishment.  For a bit of added context, we air shipped a large batch of the 8" figures for our booth at SDCC, and to fulfill the online orders with what was leftover.  After cranking through a good number of those intial orders, the remaining stock was quickly depleted.  

DO NOT PANIC!  The boat carrying our remaining units of Jumbo Leo is set to arrive October 10th, 2015.

Now we realize that this news is far from pleasing, and we completely understand if you no longer wish to keep your order.  If that's the case, please email [email protected]  That being said, the 8" Leo's in both forms (Metallic & Regular) were the holy grail of our SDCC exclusives.  We worked dilligently to deliver some of the coolest figures in our Action Vinyls repertoire, and hit a home run with these two.  We anticipated the demand would be high, but unfortunately did not have the means to fulfill all web orders with initial stock.  If you wish to maintain your Jumbo Leo order, we can guarantee it WILL ship upon arrival.  You can hold us to it.

Again, apologies.  We dislike bearing bad news, especially at a snails pace to the people we care about the most.  Your support is truly valued, and we wish to maintain your trust as a TLS collectors from here to the end of time.  We will not let you down.  VIVA ACTION VINYLS, & VIVA TLS NATION! 

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