This weekend we attended Common's annual charity event here in Los Angeles.

A few nights ago we were invited to an event for the launch of Versus Sport.

We hung out with our good friend Luckyiam from The Living Legends today!

Stay tuned for details.......

The Loyal Subjects x Street Fighter IV

One of my favorite things about Magic for the last few years has been the Mountain Dew Green Label Art Pr

We ran into one of our good friends here in Las Vegas, Alex Pardee's Walrus Rider!

The Loyal Subjects are in Las Vegas for the 2009 Magic Convention!

Joe Ledbetter's Terror and Magnus are now available for pre-order at:

Sean Kinney (Alice In Chains) x JC

We are excited that an exclusive color way of Terror and Magnus will be accompanying Joe Ledbetter on his

Sam Flores' Kid Dragon x The Loyal Subjects x Upper Playground x Juxtapoz

Joe Ledbetter and The Loyal Subjects 

Here are a few pictures from our trip to the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con:

The Loyal Subjects, Upper Playground and Alex Pardee present:

We have two new styles of TLS shirts now available at:

The Loyal Subjects, Upper Playground and Sam Flores present:


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