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Wha, What?!  Astro Zombie Bunny?!  That's right folks, we're getting gangrene on you.  Astro Zombie Bunny style.  Brains!  Brains!  Brains, I tell you!  Also some radioactive gooey green goop oozing from this poor zombified Bunny's skull.  He is delicious!  Edition of 300.  150 Goopy Zombies will be available at SDCC from The Loyal Subjects Booth #5645 Saturday, July 20th from 1-2p - coinciding with a signing by Joe Ledbetter.  A raffle will be held 1 hour before. We will pick 150 numbers at random.  Sorry guys, Comic Con rules.  Lining up seems easier but we're down to play it fair and square in accordance with SDCC and our gracious neighbors.  The remaining 150 units will go live online at www.theloyalsubjects.com at 2p that same Saturday for all of you folks who couldn't travel to San Diego.  We have your backs too!  $140.00/ea.  Joe Ledbetter prepared a brilliant press release so without further ado, please read below this next awesome gruesome picture.


Astro Zombie Bunny!


The Chaos Bunnies vinyl figure set continues with the release of Astro Zombie Bunny

Hungry for brains and half-eaten himself, this bunny is sitting down to take a break from stalking the living. Accompanied by a worm who is hitching a ride inside his empty skull, Astro Zombie Bunny has definitely seen better days. A 10-inch vinyl figure, Astro Zombie Bunny is produced by The Loyal Subjects and comes packaged in a fantastic jumbo-sized (and re-sealable) blister pack.  


Limited to just 300 figures, Astro Zombie Bunny will be releasing in 2 waves:


  • First releasing 150pcs in-person at SDCC at The Loyal Subjects booth #5645 on Sat. July 20 @1-2pm.
  • Immediately afterward the remaining 150pcs will be available online on Sat. July 20 @ 2pm (PDT) at www.theloyalsubjects.com.


 Here's the specs:

  • Created and Designed by Joe Ledbetter
  • Produced by The Loyal Subjects
  • 10-inch tall vinyl figure
  • Fluorescent accents
  • Worm included
  • Many new sculpt elements including feet, ears, and tail
  • Limited edition of 300
  • Limited to 1 per person
  • Comes in a jumbo-sized (and re-sealable) blister pack
  • price TBD

Astro Zombie Bunny:

Although they are as dim-witted as any zombie bunny, Astro Zombie Bunnies are quite dangerous. Heavy radiation from an asteroid crash has made them swift, aggressive, brain-hungry rogues ready to wreak havoc on the massive bunny population.



More about the Chaos Bunnies:


The Chaos Bunnies are a collection of characters and vinyl figures created and designed by JoeLedbetter (aka J.Led). Under many iterations and names over the years, the Chaos Bunnies have been prevalent characters in J.Led's paintings, prints, and toy designs since 2004. With as many variations of his signature bunny character as can be imagined, the possibilities are truly endless. The Chaos Bunnies play with ideas of over-population, individuality, alienation, enlightenment, and unadulterated joy. Not only is this project a labor of love, but a carefully designed art piece, a celebration of collectables, and a love letter to favorite childhood action figures. These bunnies might be super cute, but don't forget they're still wild animals from a distant planet. 



 Wait, Who are the Chaos Bunnies??


Imagine a beautiful green planet filled with bunnies. Bunnies being what they are, have multiplied quickly and over-population has become a serious global issue. In the distant past, all bunnies had identical yellow fur coats, however, recent pollution and chaos have caused bunny mutations with endless variation. While the few aristocratic bunnies living above the fray carry their ancestor's yellow fur and control of the planet, the masses are left to their own devices and adaptations. As doomed as their world's fate often seems there are countless tales of heroic deeds, love, escape, hope and redemption. And even the most unlikely of bunnies could possibly save the planet.
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