Attack On Titan! Bloodied and Battle Damaged! Available NOW at Walmart!

If you're an Attack on Titan fan these new Action Vinyls are a must have!  Packed with great story telling features; tons of articulation, great paint details, great expressions, tons of accessories, Build-A-Titans, collector cards, RARE chase figures, Club 28 and a whole mess of Titan battle carnage!  We love the Anime, it's obvious, right?!  How could we not jump at the oppotunity to extract specifics from this great and imaginative anime and fuse them into our Action Vinyls!  Two great tastes that go together, even better yet, BLOODIED AND BATTLED DAMAGE!  So Great!  This is a very limited pressing so don't sleep on these!  One of the best Action Vinyls series to date.  Sure to be a classic for the TLS Action Vinyls enthusiast!  Relive your favorite story line by posing these unique collectibles in dynamic poses --> ready to ATTACK!!!

Available NOW at Walmart!

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