B I G P R I M E S !

"More than Meets the Eye!"

Certainly now, especially at a whopping 8" tall!  This dude is a beast.  I'm sure you've seen the Dead Prime, Bait's exclusive Silver Bullet Prime, now you get Optimus Prime in all of his red and blue, delicious glory.  Also, a DIY Prime - in case you wanted to try out your airbrush/car paint skills on this benveolent beast.  Maybe add some pin striping, some candy flake detail, maybe throw in a little gold flake?  Get nutty on the blank canvas or reel in the OG Prime - whatever your tastes, these guys are epic, limited and ready to patrol your collection weeding out any Decepticon threats.  Let them lose!  

These big guys boast several points of articulation, come packaged in a window box, equiped with OP's trusty blaster and ready to ship out of our beloved warehouse in 30 days.  Let's do this!