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Battle Damage Thundercats Action Vinyls available at WALMART NOW!

“You wanted the best, you got the best!  The hottest”…wait, this ain’t KISS, let’s start this over.   “You wanted the best, you got the best!  The hottest Collectible in the market!  The Loyal Subjects Action Vinyls™ x Thundercats!”  Queue HUGE pyrotechnics, thrones of screaming fans, teenagers weeping, face melting guitar riffs and Lion-O blasting Mumm-Ra with the power of the Eye of Thundra Sword!  BOOM!  Minds officially blown!  This is how I feel when I see this Walmart Battle Damage Thundercats set – pure rock and roll jubilee, leaving with concert shirts, hours of air guitar with mom’s broom, and daydreaming in class swooning over those monstrous sounds coming from those speakers buzzing heatwaves into my heart!  It could be “Rock N’ Roll All Night” or “Thundercats!  Ho!”  Totally interchangeable for me!

Alas, here we sit, Walmarts filling up with Thundercats Action Vinyls right before Christmas!  Man, did that work out!  Get in your time machine, roll up to your local Walmart, take the plunge and let’s skip hand in hand back to Capri Suns and lazy afternoons while we hypnotize ourselves to Space Humanoid-Cats fighting Ancient Mummies on far off planets, all in the name of Universal Peace and Order!  Thunder!  Thunder!  Thundercats!  Ho!  Who’s with me!

This series is BOMB (that’s so 1995 of me).  But it is!  I guess I can’t shake the 90’s or the 80’s for that matter, nor can you!  That’s why we still say words like “Rad”, “Awesome” and we still get down with Thundercats!  This series have killer sculpts, tons of articulation, character accessories, collector cards, Club 28™ and more!  Better yet, this series is Battle Damaged, scarred, fought well for solar injustices, and scratched to Thundra and back!  Exclusive to Walmart!  Don’t sleep, for sure to disappear from shelves.  I’ll see you guys back on the couch with my bowl of Cap’n Crunch waiting for moms to pick us up for Little League practice!

Happy Holidays and may this Christmas bring you joy like the ones from childhood!  We hope this series will do just that!





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