Bean Jam

Nashville, here we come! 

Last year I waxed poetic about Nashville, the birthplace of my father.  Just down the road in Columbia, TN where my grandfather was born.   At the State Capital in Nashville there’s a tomb of a distant relative, and littered across the cemeteries many a Cathey find their residence, and of course, Cathey’s Creek, with a church by the same name, and certainly an adjoining cemetery which holds the bones of my relatives.  Apparently, Catheys still reside on Cathey’s Creek Road, so the church parishioner says, as we pulled up in our rented mini van, headlights blazing, much to her surprise…I hollered out the window, “Hello, my name is Jonathan Cathey.  I think this place was named after my family!”  She seemed indifferent, however hospitable, and revealed there might be a few of “us” buried out back.   The conversation taking place among the flicker and flare provided by the jubilant fire flies, creating a soft canopy of glowing dots scattered throughout the thick air, and the serenade of crickets, and other insectly beasts, however, serene, and peaceful.  I quite much like Cathey’s  Creek.  I can see why my relatives settled there a century or two ago.

In a sweet twist of luck I’m able to trace my roots with the advent of Bean Jam, not having visited Tennessee other than a time, many moons ago.  A Southern California resident, life long, where the mighty blue Pacific holds my heart, and always will.  I’ve had a natural curiosity to explore Tennessee for obvious reasons but hadn’t.  Leave it to a friendly guy, with a glass half full outlook, who inspires positivity, friendship, togetherness, community, and passions, contagious to all he encounters…the man with the effervescent slogan, rebranded from the My Little Pony dogma, “Friendship is Magic.”  It certainly is, sir.  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to explore my roots, during an event which is all about bringing like mindedness, friendships, shared passions, and creative values together for a night of fun, revelry, surprises, prizes, laughs, hugs, and a beer or two.  Thank you for the friendship.

Bean Jam is a celebration of community, an offshoot of Fan Jam for the folks who’s cars, trains, and aero-planes can't make the journey to San Diego, we decided to bring it smack dab in the heart of the nation, the literal chest, not so far from the mighty Mississipi, near the Great Smokey Mountains, the famed Applachians, and to the pulsing beat of Music City, right on the doorstep of Mr. BB King’s, the gentlemen suitor for none other, the lovely lady Lucille, god rest his soul.

This year will not disappoint.  New games, familiar games, new faces, new friendships, familiar friendships, great prizes, surprises, swag, hugs, eats, drinks, beers, and high fives!  We’re going to turn this mutha out!  Tomorrow, I’ll post the Fan Jam blog just to prove that we can turn this mutha out, and the moving pictures will instruct how we turn this mutha out!  Without further ado, here are the particulars:

Where:  BB Kings, 152 2nd Ave North, Nashville, TN 37201

What:  Bean Jam – includes food, drinks, swag bags, games, prizes, surprises, and a heck lots more.

When:  Sunday, Aug 25th – 6p-9p.

Tickets:  Tickets go onsale, tomorrow, Friday Aug 9th, at Noon PDT @  Tickets are $100.00/ea, only a two ticket maximum purchase per person purchasing.

Capacity:  Only 80 tickets will be available.

Purchasing Rules:  No refunds, no swaps via TLS, no trades via TLS – make certain that you know you can go, we will not honor refunds even if the excuse is good.

See everyone in 2 weeks!