Big Fat TLS Update!

Hello Folks!  Seems like ages since we've been back on the Blog.  There are good reasons.  I could count a million but for the sake of brevity I'll just list a few; Dallas Toy Preview Tradeshow (was H U G E), signing up more licenses, having a bullet train of a production calendar rolling through town like bolts of lightning, expanding in more stores with more retailers, hiring on a new marketing firm to help TLS tell our awesome Lebowski style story, building a new website (Yes!  Finally!), adding new folks to the TLS Team, ready'ing ourselves to shoot a commercial, creating a motherload of TLS content - you know, just a couple things pulling me away from the keyboard and holding me hostage so I couldn't talk directly to you guys for a month!  It's all good though TLS Army, I'm back (albeit 9p on a Friday Night -I just can't wait to get some key updates to the TLS Army)!  My fingers are like skilled ninjas, slashing away at the alpha numeric keys.  SO - Website; Yeah, website.  We're building a new one *steams up finger nails then casually polishes them on shirt*.  It will be awesome!  The concentration is more on TLS News, Entertainment, Original Content, Retail release announcements, BIG NEWS (when it's available), Exclusive Sneak Peeks, and fun "Life Around TLS" looks beyond the 4th Wall/Wizard's curtain.  We want to be the CNN/VICE/TMZ for all things TLS and Pop Culture!  We will have a TLS shopping cart experience for web exclusive items and little easter eggs that we plant from time to time.  It's a definite "tune in and stay tuned" proposition and we think you will thoroughly enjoy the cornucopia of awesomeness pouring from the good horn of our bounty!  Stay intently tuned.  

New Release...Ahem *gently and gentlmanly clears throat to subtly attract your attentive ears*- I'm sure you guys have heard about this Thundercats thing.'s real.  It's shipping.  Walgreens baby.  Hot Topic, Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, and most likely your favorite local Toy and Comic Book shops coming soon....HOOOOO!!!  This line is F I R E !  Walgreens and Walmart are around the corner, Hot Topic right behind.  Not only does everyone have a character exclusive; i.e. you have to go to "this" retailer where you can only buy "that" character, each retailer has their own distinct colors/treatments, chase figures, Club 28, Gold lone wolves, character cards, a ton of accessories, plus three different Eye of Thundra Swords hidden amongst the retailer exclusives!  This is Easter Egg city baby!  Not only is this fun to hunt and collect, it's even way more fun to articulate, pose, army build and tell your favorite Action Vinyls story or Thundercats story by getting knee deep in the sand pit like we all did when we were 7!  Stop frontin', get them OP shorts on, pull those striped tube socks up and let's start "Pew-Pew'ing" til' the street lights come on and we have to clean up, eat crappy TV dinners, and try to jam through our Geography homework!  Ya Dig!?

If that Ain't enough, let's talk Mega Man.  You know the dude.  Guy, about "yay" tall, wears a helmet, a skin tight outfit, has some crazy boots and a cannon wrapped around his fist?  Yeah, that dude.  Fights crazy villains and arch rivals, take on their powers if he defeats them?  Yeah, same dude.  Well, he's coming.  And he is bada$$.  I'm talking removable Busters, flipped expressions, rare chase figures, Club 28's, Gold lone wolves, crazy collector cards, tons of accessories, elbow joints, crazy posability *stops to intake much needed air to help retain oxygen during this very long sentence*, army building, power usurping, collectible of all collectibles, King of all Mega Man figurines!  Yeah, that's right, I said it!  King of all Mega Man figurines!  I'm hyped on this series!  You will be too!  If the crazy sculpt details don't do it for you, certainly the badass articulation and the removable busters will slack that slack jaw until the dentist comes calling!

How about this for sneak peek?  Ever heard of these weird Alien creatures from another planet that punch your eyes out with a little internal mouth that flies out like a Pez Candy Dispenser?  Same weirdos who have these weird face hugging pets who like to lay eggs in your esophagus only to watch them burrow out of your chest like cute little baby weirdos who are looking for their mothers?  On a space ship with a bunch of futuristic marines scared to death as these slippery dudes with acid for blood peel each Solider off one by one?  Only to be saved by a little girl who has been in hiding and a hardenned Space lady who takes on these acid blood, mouth popping, tail stabbing weirdo Alien creatures?  Ever heard of this weird tale?  I have, and let me tell you, it's real.  And we're going to relive this epic tale with TLS Action Vinyls which can recreate each story, frame by frame in all of it's horrifying, blood curdling, scariness!  These Action Vinyls are next level - fully articulated, laced out with tons of gear and weapons, bendy Alien tails for full posability, retracting death punch Alien mouths, and all the great accessories, creatures, pods and misanthropic bio warfare obliterators a nutso 3.2" Action Vinyls line can pack in!  E P I C !  How is it done?!  Can't tell ya' but we're happy to get into the "pew-pew" pit with ya'!  Exclusives, including Club 28's, rare decos and exclusive items will be available at Hot Topic, Walmart, Target and Toys R Us, some before the Christmas cash runs out and others when you're ready to turn in that crappy oven mitt warmer Grandma swore you would love!  

We covered the website (check), New Retailer News (check), Up and coming release (check)...what else is left?  Let's say a mountain more but we can unpack that in the next Blog update.  Be well you beautiful humans and let's have some fun these last two months of 2017, what do you say!  Take care of those TLS Retailers and TLS will take care of you by making the most imaginative, detailed, fun, collectible, high quality and affordable action figures in a box that money can buy!   Here's to building those TLS armies!  Let's see them, and let's take the hill!  Spare no prisoner!

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