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Posted by Admin

November 27, 2013

Action Vinyls, The Loyal Subjects, Holidays

BLACK FRIDAY!  Shopping pandamonium is here!  Tired of the Hype?  Tired of people selling the farm just to offer you some mediocre piece of plastic?  Well, we're not here to do that but we're here to stoke you out!  This Thanksgiving we are thankful and mostly because it's YOU who has made this the best year ever for The Loyal Subjects.  So we're giving back.  We've created two Mystery Bags;  Mystery Bag #1 is $50.00 and has about $200.00+ worth of goodies, including highly sought after Designer Vinyl.  You can't go wrong.  Mystery Bag #2 is $100.00 and has about $350.00 worth of insanely great collectibles and more - maybe skateboards, blindboxes, JLed, Baseman, Inflatables...we're obviously insane but like I said, we're stoked to give back.  Black Friday will appear sometime live tomorrow.  Check around Noon.  It will last all weekend.  Only 200 of each tier bag available so jump on it!  Better yet, we made the shipping Flat Rate at $25.00 per bag.  It cost around $45.00 to ship these suckers because it is a boat ton of awesome collectibles.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy New Year!

That’s a wrap!

Posted by The Loyal Subjects

December 30, 2019

Action Vinyls, The Loyal Subjects, WWE, Hot Wheels, My Hero Academia, Aggretsuko, Bob's Burgers, Holidays, Ghostbusters, Naruto, Edward Scissorhands, Lord of the Rings, Gremlins

Christmas Memories

It’s inspiring reading everyone’s recollections from Christmas past.  The Holidays hold unique memories for us all, recollections of “wow” gifts under the tree, an introduction to something new which blooms into a passion, spending time with loved ones, being reunited with loved ones after time apart, taking time out to reflect, to be grateful or to help someone else in need.  Whatever religion, creed, philosophy or..

Posted by The Loyal Subjects

December 27, 2019

Action Vinyls, The Loyal Subjects, Transformers, Holidays, GI Joe, Naruto