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November 25, 2014

Action Vinyls, The Loyal Subjects, Holidays

BLACK FRIDAY!  Sounds ominous, no?  Not here at TLS.  Santa's Little Elves have been working tirelessly to bring you SUPER DEALS for this Holiday Season.  We're feeling a little extra generous these days so we decided to roll out our Two Most Prestigious offerings and wrap them up in the BLACK FRIDAY DEALS!  Here it goes - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Transformers Wave 3 both will be available for Presale this Black Friday, or Thursday Night at Midnight EST and will end Sunday at Midnight.  H U G E  Savings are right in front of you for two of our most anticipated lines.  ACTION VINYLS are $12.99 and Casepacks are $208.00.  Here's the whole Press Release.  Take a read!



The Loyal Subjects is proud to announce the Presale for TLS ACTION VINYLS Mighty Morphin Power Rangers WAVE1!  The much-anticipated Blindbox series is almost to your doorstep.  PRESELL Starts Black Friday (Starts Midnight Friday Nov, 28th EST and Ends Midnight EST Monday, Dec 1st), and ALL Black Friday discounts apply – a Christmas gift to all of you Hardcore Power Rangers fans who have been waiting patiently for this release to become available!  Wave 1 includes your favorite Heroes and Villains; Rita Repulsa, Goldar, Lord Zedd, Green Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, 1 Mystery Ranger and two Chase Figures!  Designed by TMNT Wave 1 designer, Joe Allard.  Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Wave 1 boasts ball joints for maximum poseability, 9 points of articulation (including the abdomen), interchangeable accessories and weapons and the piece de resitance; REMOVEABLE HELMETS!  The figures stand 3.25” tall, are blindbox in a unique foilbag complete with a Collector’s Card.  Don’t sleep!  TLS Action Vinyls Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Wave 1 will also be available at your favorite Specialty locations, including Hot Topic, and your favorite Comic Book/Toy Shop March 1st, 2015.  Blindbox Collectibles are $12.99USD.  Full 16 count Trays are $208.00USD.  There are no guarantees to pull any or all chase figures when buying full 16 count trays.  Earlybird orders receive first shipment priority.


TRANSFORMERS WAVE 3 is here, and bigger and badder than ever!  WAVE 3 will also be available this coming Black Friday for PRESELL and ALL Black Friday discounts will apply for the duration of the Sale. WAVE 3 ACTION VINYLS range between 3.25” and 3.5”, boast 8-9 points of articulation, interchangeable accessories, blasters, chest and back pieces, new SOUND FX (“Push Me Button” on Scrapper), LED ears for Wheeljack, retracting cannon barrel and rotating turret for Blitzwing, sliding Hammers for Rumble and a ton of great nuances that you’ve come to love in the TLS x Transformers ACTION VINYLS Collectibles.  Tight joints are replacing the modular series so feel free to be rough with these guys.  Other notable mentions: This is the CONSTRUCTICON Pack!  Featuring Three Constructicons  Scrapper(with Sound – Transformers Theme Song and the Transform Up and Down SFX -Bonecrusher and Longhaul.  Also featured are Soundwave’s Tapes; Laserbeak, Rumbleand Frenzy!  The Dinobots are rounded out with Sludge and Swoop.  The Autobots bring in the firepower of Trailbreaker, Sunstreaker (completion of the Lambo Twins) and Hound.  Chase figures, Blindbox, collector’s cards and unique accessories a plenty in Wave 3.  Don’t sleep!  Designed by Series Designer Les Schettkoe.  TF 3 will be on shelves at your favorite Specialty Stores and Comic Book/Toy Shops March 1st 2015.  Blindbox Collectibles are $12.99USD.  Full 16 count Trays are $208.00USD.  There are no guarantees to pull any or all chase figures when buying full 16 count trays.  Earlybird orders receive first shipment priority.



Spend $100 = 25% OFF

Spend $200 = 35% OFF

Spend $300 = 45% OFF

Spend $400 = 50% OFF


SALE Starts Friday Nov 28th (Midnight Thursday EST) and Ends Monday Dec 1st (Midnight Sunday EST). 




The Loyal Subjects










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