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Starting Wednesday (Tomorrow) at Midnight EST, Ending Cyber Monday at Midnight PST.  Only at www.theloyalsubjects.com - Happy Thanksgiving! - The Particulars - BOGO for Items of equal Value (Fiberglass Statues not Included), Free Shipping for Purchases $100.00 and Up (Fiberglass Statues not Included), 25% OFF ONLY Fiberglass Statues, 60% OFF ALL TRANSFORMERS Items that are not named Fiberglass Statues.  Also, Transformers are coming in hot at 60% OFF so BOGO does not apply on the TF AV items.  Let's do this!  Turducken style!

BLACK FRIDAY!  Ever wonder the origins of this namesake?  Apparently folks in Philadelphia were plagued by foot and car traffic the day after Thanksgiving, enough to cast a palsy injurious shade on what should be a relaxing day off.  I get it.  I’m from Los Angeles.  Black Friday is Saturday-to-Saturday 52 weeks a year but we have the warm weather and sunroofs, innocuous, except for red shoulders and sunspots.  Let’s set sail to the last decade plus and the namesake Black Friday has been usurped by the trepid fever of whistly fingers keyboarding away in Cyber Valhalla ordering items for pennies on the dollar.  “You’re Killing Me Larry!”  We all remember that sound bite.  The sound of Larry’s partner grasping at his chest while plowing through rows and columns of a spacious mattress warehouse in an aimless Forklift, whilst Larry gives away the farm.  Now, that’s the spirit!  I’m with Larry, my Black Friday generosity seeks no bounds, no shores too far, just a high lob ally-oop into space on the back of lightning deals, enough to make the earthlings below scream and jump in calamitous joy!  Here is your chance to regain your purchasing mojo, all you need to do is “click” and the kingly Halls from Mount TLS will echo with the cheers of your triumphs!  Four Letters that spell relief – BOGO!  Your chance to buy one item and get the next item of equal value for FREE!  How’s that for a deal?  It’s your turn to flip the script, bring TLS to the bargaining table, adjudicate and impose your will on ALL ACTION VINYLS™ SAVINGS for nearly a whole week!  Here’s the kicker – we have some General Release packouts available on the website that have never been offered online before!  Like Attack on Titan, and a couple more surprises.  Try your luck for BOGO bliss, hopefully you’ll roll some sevens and a Club 28 might be at the end of your pull!  Or, go ALL in on 60% OFF all remaining Transformers stock!  We hardly have any Transformers items left in the arsenal so here’s a good time to clean us out!  If you’re feeling like a citizen on the rise and fancy the finer things, think opulence, and open those governing arms to an orphaned 4’ Statue who needs a home, and with a 25% Discount!  Goes a long way for an item, which costs $4,000.00 – quick math, that’s $1,000.00 in SAVINGS.  Take that money you saved from this purchase, go buy lottery tickets, give the winning one away unknowingly to your loud mouthed Aunt Betty and watch her blow it all on cat trees.  Your 4’ Optimus Prime will surrender comfort, and oh yeah, all your friends will want to come over and take photos with him too – “Isn’t he soooo dreeeeamy!” – Swoon!  If you’re serious about buying a Statue, you can’t do it on the web, just email info@theloyalsubjects.com with all your seriousness and we’ll walk you to the finish line.  Just as long as it’s in the designated Black Friday sale time warp starting tomorrow, Wednesday at Midnight EST and ending Cyber Monday at Midnight PST!  Let’s do this!  Let’s save money!  Let’s get a ton of Action Vinyls™ for half off!  Party!!





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