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April 8, 2013

The Loyal Subjects, Joe Ledbetter

Chaos Bunnies!  Spring is here and with the effervescent renewal and the stretching of the loins sort of speak so goes the thaw of the cold winter months.  Not before our last frozen fella has hopped feverishly out of the tundra and into the warm months of April.  Unfortunately, it might be too late.  The Snow Bunny has merged with the permafrost and carries it's eternal icy blue coat.  Forever an addition to the glacial landscape.  But alas, he has drifted far enough to meet YOU at your warm embrace.  A happy union or reunion.  Hoping to have a place next to his Chaos Bunny brethren.  A perfect color addition, rounding out the last edition to Mister Bunny's colorful cycles, personalities and counterparts.  A staple in Joe Ledbetter's symphonic pantone gestures, a JLed collection is not complete without the beautiful Ice/Snow Edition.  A rare one.  Only 250 pieces made.

And...it's Sold Out.  So, thank you to everyone who participated.  We understand that selling out in more than 23 seconds had created little beads of sweat on the foreheads of some very intense collectors.  Need not worry our dear collectors.  A 36 hour sell out is equally as impressive.  This will be a classic for the ages.

Also, shipping charges to the East Coast.  We hear you.  $38.00 for shipping is a bit intense, however, understand it's being shipped from Los Angeles, the package is L A R G E and it's a very rare and unique collectable.  I wish it shipped to everyone for $2.00.  We have no skin in the game so it never sees our wallets.  Hopefully, we'll find a different method of guzzling energy other than fossil fuels.  Seen gas charges lately?  WTH.  In the end, this beautiful lapin froid will be adored by all who visit.  Well worth it.  

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