I love listening to Pandora when I work.  Instead of flipping records (yeah, because I'm that old), I select AC/DC and High Voltage pours from the speakers.  Hairs standing on end.  I love ripping, distorted loud guitars.  Especially the ones played by that little Tazmanian Maniac.  Well, he's an Aussie by way of Scotland but Tazmanian sounds better, when combined with "Maniac".  So it is.  So it be.  It's that little kid feeling.  Tapping into something.  Something bigger, more powerful, something electric.  TRANSFORMERS is/are like that too.  Electric.  Big.  Fierce.  New.  Even though it isn't.  AC/DC isn't either but when ever I hear those first few notes of the very first song on Side One of Back In Black it sounds new.  Screaming new.  Hairs standing on end kind of new.  Even though I've heard it, played it, seen it and lived with it thousands of times - it's still new, exciting, alive.  I love it.  Visceral.  That's how I feel about TRANSFORMERS.  Visceral.  It's alive.

Here we are, back from the Licensing Show.  Whoa.  There's a lot of imagination in this world and a bunch of it is cobbled up at the Licensing Show.  Sweet Mama.  But, here we are.  Ready to head down to San Diego to plunge head first into the bathory of robots - the grandest ones of all - TRANSFORMERS!  I'm feeling a little AC/DC'ish.  A little Sears catalog-ish.  A little Christmas-ish.  Only difference, I'm serving up the treats this time.  A ton of collectible 3" awesomeness - our Series One Blind Box minis designed by Les Schettkoe.  Seven points of articulation, detailed sculpts, blasters - this is serious.  I'm a super fan.  I am Christmas morning.  Don't you wish you could bottle that feeling?  If you could you would be Mark Zuckerberg rich.  

Botcon is this weekend, June 27th-30th.  It's filled with amazing programming, events, appearances, signings, exclusives, activities, collectibles - it's all things Transformers from A-Z and it will be awesome.  We're so happy to be showing.  Please come down and give us a wink.  We have minis, tees, skate decks and surfboards.  Wha?  Yeah, that's right - surfboards!  Designed by the incomparable Josh Sleigh with layouts by Sket-One.  K I L L E R ! ! !

Once again, thanks to my crew - it's a team and a family here and we're happy to be doing what we're doing and hopefully you are with us on this journey =)

BOTCON - TOWN and COUNTRY RESORT - 500 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, CA 92108.  Check their website for full schedule of all things awesome - 

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