Ever wonder what it would be like to be chased in a creepy, secluded forest by a giant monster with multiple eyes, oozing pink goo out of it's pores, ready to spear you with a spiky and dangerous set of antlers?  Well, have you!  If you have, you need help.  And we have the right help for you!  Introducing the EYES Edition DESTROYER by Buff Monster!  It's hard to believe this guy is so evil since he's kind of cute.  But don't let his/her/its big ole' round baby head fool you!  He's got eyes on the back of his head...literally!  Check out those incisors too!  Creepy, vampire style.  This dude will; crush you, spear you, bite you and beat you in a staring contest any day!  How cool is that?!
This bad boy is only $110.00 and he is big!!  Almost 14" to the top of his antlers.  A Monster!  Only 250 of them made.  The perfect amount to find their way into 250 of your homes, waiting for that right time to come off that shelf and give you a proper and decent staring match!  Be gone and travel safely friends, for danger lurks and it has several retinas!
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