When I was a kid, maybe three or four years old, I had these full length heather blue Mickey Mouse Club pajamas (with footies and all - possibly even the trap door butt).  The "footies" had this rubber texture that adhered to the bottoms.  I guess three year olds need some good gripping traction.  All things being said, I had a matching inflatable Bop Bag, which was Mickey Mouse, and advertised the good ole' MMC.  I loved that bag.  It looked cool.  I loved the texture.  And it was fun to punch.  
Perhaps that's our fascination with these inflatables.  As Freud said, "Childhood Regression".  Better yet, perhaps it's more like Jeff Koons in nature.  Challenging perceptions of what is functional, mundane, obvious, interpretive - and what is art.  A physical piece, in a physical space, where the actual object itself incorporates an identity and oscillates energy.  I think it's both.  Regression Art?  Can that be a movement?  Although we are progressing?  All things here said, it's worth the discussion and bottom line, these objects are amazing in a physical space.  They literally transform a space into sculpture gardens incorporating fun, energy and aesthetic.  How cool!
When Joe first introduce the Burger Bunny through his well known Mutant Bunny Series, I knew that design had layers (no pun intended).  It was satyr, parody, clever, objectionable and embracing.  The image has great color contrast and is a narrative of a 1000 words.  What a perfect idea.  We had to blow it up.  So we did!  Into a 62" inflatable which bops if you punch it.  A sand weighted base keeps it in place.  This piece is an objet d'art.  All encompassing.  And it's only $99.00 at www.theloyalsubjects.com.  Only 300 Made!
We hope that you enjoy!

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