Here's to a posthumous post.  It's not as though I intended to post news past it's newsworthy, "in the moment" date.  I suppose any TLS news is relevant to me - even after the fact.  However, one not to give excuses (I learned well from my parents), I'll have to make an exception.  What's the excuse?  Jet Lag!  While we were in Manila, I was trying to keep everyone up via Facebook and Twitter and never had the time to sit down and blog.  Mainly, because we were running around like crazy people and every chance Big Boy and his crew got, they were shuffling us off to eat and shop.  I must have gained 5lbs.  Serious.  I gained five pounds.  This weekend is for the gym, and of course, the Super Bowl.  Ironic.  Whatever I do at the gym tomorrow and Saturday will be reversed come Super Bowl.  Ok, enough side tracking.
Here's a play by play on the event.  As most of you know, it took place on January 22nd at Secret Fresh in Manila, PI.   What is Secret Fresh?  Secret Fresh is, well...it's Fresh!  Fresh - like in a "B Boy" way.  It's a killer spot, ran by great people.  It's a store that is part of a larger complex called the RONAC ART CENTER.  Cool stores, restaurants and a full  Pro Regulation basketball court.  After pounding myself with unhealthy food, I would sneak off and shoot a few hoops.  Big Boy caught up with me and while I was shooting - he bet me $1MM, payable to me, if I made a half court shot.  I made it on the first try.  No kidding.  Still waiting for the check.  Tic Toc Tic Toc.  Hmm.  This was my David Choe Facebook stock moment but only $199MM less.  Trying not to lose sleep over it.  =)
So, back to Joe and the Burger Bunny release.  Wow!  Amazing event!  Great turnout, great eats, great people!  The Bunny sold out before the event and Joe spent a generous amount of time signing, sketching, chatting it up - basically, being an all around awesome dude and the Secret Fresh attendees were definitely happy to see him.  
What's next?  Kid Robot color way Bunny (so I've been told) and maybe a Frozen one...
You'll have to stay tuned!  If you have seen, felt or obtained the Burger Bunny - it's insane!  Really.  A wonderful piece of art that will blow your socks off!  I think there are a few socks that have been blown off already.

Million Dollar shot!

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