Chaos Bunnies

Over on Instagram we're playing Bunny Bingo, and giving aw

I Love these animatics Joe puts together.  Congrats to Joe for seeing his hardwork through, and thank you Tony Thaxton for writing this deliciously cute song.  Let's party!



Woot, woot!  Bet you never thought you would see the day, eh?  Well, here it is, here we are and we're two peas in a pod - stoked out of our minds on what we created and what we want you to collect!  We're in this together - Amos and Andy, Charles and Bucky, Jack and Larry, Spanky and Alfalfa - we do this because we love it and we know, at least hope, you love it too.  That's why we are Vinyl Blood Brothers and Sisters.  

I love this little tune almost as much as I love the Mini Chaos Bunnies.  Just saying.


Stay tuned to our blog.  A new update each day =)

Chaos Bunnies!  Spring is here and with the effervescent renewal and the stretching of the loins sort of speak so goes the thaw of the cold winter months.  Not before our last frozen fella has hopped feverishly out of the tundra and into the warm months of April.  Unfortunately, it might be too late.  The Snow Bunny has merged with the permafrost and carries it's eternal icy blue coat.  Forever an addition to the glacial landscape.  But alas, he has drifted far enough to meet YOU at your warm embrace.

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