Woot, woot!  Bet you never thought you would see the day, eh?  Well, here it is, here we are and we're two peas in a pod - stoked out of our minds on what we created and what we want you to collect!  We're in this together - Amos and Andy, Charles and Bucky, Jack and Larry, Spanky and Alfalfa - we do this because we love it and we know, at least hope, you love it too.  That's why we are Vinyl Blood Brothers and Sisters.  

We worked hard on this series - like Diamond Dogs, like 7 Dwarves, like Santa's Toy Elves and we hope you can see the craft, detail and nuance in these beautiful little pieces of art.  Not too little, still standing over 4".  A new twist on mini series - try this on for size; The BIG Mini Series!  That's us, the BIG Mini Series where it seems bigger but it's cute and mini, but more big than mini.  Innovation coming to you one Blindbox at a time!  These guys very limited too.  This isn't some big production run, this is a sweet tailored and low numbered run with Chase figures that barely break the Hundreds.  Hyper collectible.  Are you with us?  A nation of Joe Ledbetter fans just like us?  Well, let's conquer these shores together!  Let's go next level on your art toy collection.  Let's go CHAOS MINIS!

Super thanks to Joe Ledbetter for being amazing, talented and kicking ass everyday.

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