Hello all,

We've been updating Customers throughout different threads and realized we needed to make a singular statement that would be information rich for everyone.  First off, thank you for your support and patience.  Without you, there would be no Us so we're extremely humbled and appreciative for your passion and dedication, either to the artists we work with or our brand.  We strive to make the best possible collectibles out there and hopefully that translates to you.
Our initial drop date was December 6th.  Our production table had been moved back to Jan 20th and finally to Jan 25th.  The reasons;  the Chaos Bunny mini series has a large variable amount of detail.  Each collectible showcases multiple painted decorations among other features and nuances.  This seems obvious but what isn't obvious are the extreme amount of details in our Joe Ledbetter products, a testament to Joe's precise and nuanced artistic style.  We have to replicate these details and we never skimp out on any, nor do we ever shortcut.  It's these precise reasons which also elongated the delivery date.  We can't rush quality.  Although the TLS factory guaranteed the ship date in December ultimately these very precise figurines took more time to construct than anticipated.  
In the end, these will be well worth the wait and certainly one of the greatest, high quality and detailed mini series to date.  Everyone will be pleased with the outcome.  For those who purchased on our website you will also be rewarded with a complimentary t-shirt and sticker pack or a sticker pack (as most of you know).  The least we can do for your dedication and patience.
The Chaos Minis are scheduled to ship before Chinese New Year (Jan 31st) which means they will arrive in our warehouse mid-February and then distributed out to you.
Again, we are very apologetic of the delay but in the end it's the product that counts and making sure your hard earned money spent meets your expectation.  It's a gift that you support our projects and we are very grateful for this support.
Kind Regards,
Jonathan Cathey
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