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TLS makes a Hot Wheels Commercial!

I think the question I was served up the most upon our announcement that TLS had linked up with Mattel to launch a new Hot Wheels line was…..hmm, let me think about it, there were a lot of questions!  Question 1 – What are you going to do different that Hot Wheels hasn’t already done?  Question 2 – Do they roll?  Question 3 – How is this going to fit in as an Action Vinyl?   Question 4 – Why?  I suppose the last question was all around spiritual in nature, perhaps bigger than life on earth, but sure, I’ll tackle it?

TLS isn't willy nilly - an aside tangent, did you know “willy nilly” is derived from the phrase “will he, or won't he?”  Like, in Hamlet.  Carry on.  As I was saying, TLS is of the deliberate sort, at least in our impulses, however impuls’d in the yeoman or layman’s eye they may be, rather all choices are very strategic in nature because said impulses are reliant on a simple criteria – “Will this be fun”, and “Do we like it?”  Not to suggest we’re of the un-serious nature, and roam like plebes subject to all prehistoric, and reptilian inclinations, because we certainly are not.  By gum, we’re a toy company, a proper one at that, we’ll operate with professional proficiency, and nothing short of.  In defining our impulses, those of the simple nature; “is it fun, do we like it?” – we are serious folk who apply all due seriousness to our impulsive fun, and that’s not the corny garden variety of fun, as in, I, Jonathan Cathey do not have a business card with the job title “Proprietor of Fun”… my (business card) is to the point, CEO – however, “Fun” meaning, “Wouldn't making Hot Wheels be fun?”  And the only answer was/is, “Yes.”  So that’s that, and what is is, so let's move on to the other questions.  To back up a tiny bit in an effort to reorient the disoriented, if I’ve offered additional insight to help the reader form a more developed opinion, another quick volley to the question existential in nature, “Why?”  The answer to this question would naturally be, “Because.”  

Now we’ve cleared path to the other nuts and bolts; “What will you do different?”  Being a gentleman of sound mind, turbulent passions, and creative adroitness, I put myself to the task of using the gifts born to me by my mother, with cooperation from my father, those gifts commonly established as ones own imagination.  “If this is that, then what will this be?”  If I may?  “That is clearly This!”  So it is, and that is how “this” became “that”, and per further cross-examination “that” is now “this”.   Modestly, these are trade secrets, mortgaged to myself, deed and all, from said imagination, a common agent.   If further clarity is needed, let me first qualify such clarity with the accord of my better visual and syntactic aid, “I yanked on this, pulled on that, pushed in there”…the divination of discovery, and as the chicken is to the egg , and vice versa, alas, “This” becomes “That”.  One simply needs to look with one’s own eyes to acknowledge this to be of an ardent, steadfast truth. 

For the question, “Does it roll?”  Of course, what is the point of a car if not to roll?  If not to roll, then what?  A smart looking car on cinder blocks?   A car with an oil leak, overflowing oil-pan, grease stains on the driveway, with small insects making their way like Woolley Mammoths to the La Brea tarpits into said oil-pans, only to become permanent fixtures and future residents of the oil rivers we drill from sludge, millennia old, comprised of grease matter pertaining to dead insects, foliage, and animals?  Of course ittheythem roll!  Don't be silly.

Instead of playing pepper with the spray pool of inquiring minds, I found it best to write a commercial to illustrate with earnest, an observable investigation to quench the inquiring minds of all questions related, relatable, and relative to support the following premise, and premises: “Indeed, these are different, indeed they are great, indeed they roll, indeed they are fast!”  The eyes do not lie.  And if in fact a commercial I did write, then it is also fact a friend, he did direct, and my colleagues, they too joined me in the telling of story, with this thespian exercise, to naturally disclose to the viewing public what we so whole heartedly claim to be a truth amongst truths – “TLS Hot Wheels are the cats pajamas!  GO get your race on!”   SO, without further ado, enjoy our visual proof.


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