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Predators at Walgreens!

Seems fitting Predator would be found in Walgreens.  Almost lifted from the script;

“Alien invader hits Main Street USA with terror filled night.  First, the Alien tore through the town’s Walgreens, centered in the main square before making his escape out the Pharmacy's back wall, and into the surrounding forest.  The town is still shook, panicked with fear, unanswered questions, and with the nagging uncertainty, “Will it come back?”  The community is asking, “Is Walgreens still open?”  The local Walgreens manager replied, “Yes, please excuse the mess and construction, you can still purchase the wide variety of Walgreens products, including TLS collectibles.” For this, the community chanted wildly, “For he’s a jolly good fellow!” until reminded there is a murderous Alien terror still lurking in their woods.”

The alien murderous terror, aptly named, the Predator, is of the half pint variety, not the 9’ beast we’ve come to love in movies past.  However, this 3.75” terror represents his/her/its tribe well – complete with a highly technical range of armor, and weaponry, all designed to survive the newly visited planet’s biosphere, and efficiently bag it’s prey to take home for the wall mounts and trophy cases.  Unfortunately, the beast, or beasts will meet with Officer Lt. Mike Harrigan – a cop out of choices, out of patience, and with nothing to lose, willing to take one of these beasts with him to an earthly grave.   The Predator has met his human match, even if death by it’s own sword, or scythe, or blade, or whatever you call that razor-thin flying bow tie.  There are 13 Predators to launch on unsuspecting suburbs, city streets, fashion malls, sparsely populated wooded areas, and Walgreens stores!  There are only a handful of humans to combat these otherworldly beings, looking for a pound of flesh, and the ornament of a skull to match.  Tell your favorite Predator story; be it King Willie, and his magic hoodoo voodoo, Lt. Harrigan and his “nothing to lose” mucho gusto, Leona Cantrell and her street wise, tough as nails Los Angelenos cop grit, and know-how/get-down, or the alien hunter, Peter Keyes, with his “I’ve been chopped in half” hidden function; give him a twist at the waist, and see what color his innards take when exposed to the elements…there are four heroes you can choose to fight off 13 Predators!  Three Predators cloaked with invisibility, only visible when their armored suit’s cloaking mechanism malfunctions, or the beasts are caught in an infrared gaze.  Infrared, a sure way to detect these sleuthing salient serpents!  You too will have the power to detect these croaking, clicking, clucking cloakies, since you’ll see them in the bright and clear, like window dressing, inside a beautifully designed window box, and if you come across one of these clandestine cloaked alien villains, boy, are you in luck, you just uncorked a Club 28! 

Besides the deadly beauties cloaked with invisibility, be prepared to take on a range of City Hunters, Warriors, Guardians, Elders, bloodied, battled, embattled, and ticked off, ready to hide a human, and wear the newly flayed skin as a sarong for the long ride home, back to the planet from whence they came!

This series is detail rich; killer sculpts, killer accessories, Easter Eggs (including a blunderbuss from hunts past), killer colors, killer character cards, Club 28’s, and a whole range of rare chase figures.  Get on to getting’ on, all the way to Walgreens to pick up one of the best Action Vinyls series yet!  All production numbers are limited.

City Hunter Predator

Battle Damage Predator

Guardian Predator

Lt. Mike Harrigan


Warrior Predator

Leona Cantrell

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December 30, 2019

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December 27, 2019

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