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TLS x Los Angeles Comic Con!

New York?  LA?  New York?  LA?  Back and forth like Taipei vs Hong Kong in a ping pong tournament.  Pros for New York – it’s one of the greatest cities on earth, with a great fan base, some of the greatest restaurants, it’s Fall when the leaves are changing, Central Park strolls, great hangs, meet ups, costumes, a ton of passion, a couple of my favorite restaurants, some good haunts, and some old friends to see.  Pros for Los Angeles – it’s literally blocks from our office, we can roll out the full statement, we have a 20’ x 20’ space, we can create a fully curated TLS store, TLS team members get to sleep in their own beds, we support the home town show, and without the hassle of planes, trains, and automobiles.  I love New York, almost with the same cadence and guttural Frank Sinatra bellows.  I love LA, in the same nasally nonchalant prejudice, and ease Randy Newman howls.  LA is home turf, and the fact TLS HQ is mere blocks away from the Los Angeles Convention Center, it’s hard to say “no”.  Los Angeles Comic Con, formerly Stan Lee’s Comikaze is growing substantially; more vendors, Hot Topic has a big statement, tons of crazy cosplayers, and the warm up for all the great Halloween activities following suit two weeks later.  Ever been to the West Hollywood Halloween Parade?  You’ve never seen anything like it – 2 miles of the best cosplayers on earth, so, hoping/anticipating some of the showoffs from the Weho parade come marching through the halls at LA Comic Con!  

I’m excited we’re participating with the hometown show.  DTLA (Downtown Los Angeles) is home to some of the best restaurants, the best bars, the best rooftops, and swank digs in all of Los Angeles, it's the place to be!  From TLS HQ, to the Arts District, there’s something for everyone.  I couldn't think of a better place to grow a Convention in this great, crazy, and unique city.  Across the street from where our beloved Lakers, and Clippers play, down the street from where our Division Champs Dodgers pepper the bleachers with homeruns, walking distance to where Jared Goff hits Cooper Kupp in the endzone for 6, and the USC Trojans blare the mighty fight song with Tommy Trojan at the helm.  If that’s not enough, you’re within a mile from the world’s best museums, venues, and galleries; MOCA, the Contemporary, Broad, Mark Taper, Hauser and Wirth, Ahmanson, Dorothy Chandler, Grammy museum, Nokia (I’ve seen Tool and Rush here), and the Japanese Heritage Museum.  All this within a mile from the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The NYCC Night King has switched coasts; he’s mutinied, and moonshining as the LACC Night King.  Still with the same foot stamp, but he’s available at our Booth, limited supplies available each day so make sure you swing by to grab one. 

Question, why the NYCC footstamp?  TLS is still a fairly lean, staffed Company, we need to make bets on shows we can give our best and meet our fans per their expectation.  We had every intention of participating with NYCC but as the two shows came into view it was decided we could only commit to one of the two shows if we were going to give it our best.  We have to make the exclusives in with the main batches, so when GOT was manufactured in January we also had to take the risk to manufacture the translucent Black Night King with a NYCC foot stamp at the same time.  When the show opportunities evolved and came into a more focused scope?  C’est la vie.  So, that being said come celebrate with TLS in the sun, with a margarita in hand, and enjoy all this city has to offer!

Also available, a small qty of the TLS 10 year Aggretsuko, not available on the website any more.  The TLS 10 Year Night King and Viserion 2-pack will also be available at the booth!  My Hero Academia Edition One packouts will be available, along with Predators, Hot Wheels, Ghostbuster (sneak peek) Action Vinyls (small qtys available), t-shirts, stickers, and other swag; Aggretsuko masks, TLS crowns, TLS lanyards!  Masks and Crowns are free, just roll through, the only criteria?  You have to wear them!

Our booth is stocked, our happy staff is ready to help, let's have fun and party LA style!  See you at LA Comic Con, we’re booth 717, can’t miss us!  Los Angeles Comic Con ticket purchasing information can be found here https://www.comicconla.com/?cm_sp=Homepage-_-Banner3-_-LACC .  Show dates are Oct 11th-Oct 13th!

Where the sun always shines, and the sunsets are like paintings.

PS  Speaking of seeing Tool, I hope you Tool fans get tickets, they should be coming to a town near you.  Here's a shot of myself and Danny Carey hanging out in Mexico, and Justin Chancellor showing me that his watch still works.  

Night King


Danny Carey


Justin Chancellor

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