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My Hero Academia Box Lunch Exclusive!

My Hero Academia, for those that don't know it is one of the best Anime, and Manga of its time.  Centered in a world which folks have super powers, surreptitiously a young boy named Izuku Midoriya, affectionately better known as “Deku” is born without super powers but finds a mentor in one of the most recognizable, and famous super hero contemporaries, “All Might”.  All Might shares his “quirk” with Deku, and launches the young boy into a prestigious school where he learns how to develop his newly acquired, and shared “quirk”.   Deku, his friends, and classmates develop and hone their quirks, attend class like any ordinary student, and are eventually dragged into an existential crisis, a plot to destroy all heroes from a league of Villains, ones with dangerous powers.  

If you like X-Men, you’ll love My Hero Academia.  Steeped in the same comic genus, with iconic, relatable, and endearing characters, and villains of the treacherous sort…dangerous, deadly, and larger than life caricatures, and still identifiable; weighed down with hubris, and compassioned with perverse pathos.  Sounds much like Xavier and Magneto, and the students, cronies, and henchmen who follow in suit to battle for supremacy amongst competing ideologies, and clashing worldviews. 

All super heroes have suits, what would a super hero be without their suit!  MHA, or “HeroAca” is no different.  Heroes adorned with mighty stretch suits, eye-popping accessories, and enhancements, like grenade arms, or reptilian treads, or super calves for locomotive like speeds!  MHA is packed with super hero conventions, but unique, clever, refreshing, and renewed; all the great super hero mechanics, and devices that encourage you to participate, to stay tuned, to invest your fanhood for stories, and characters that are meaningful, and reaffirm the spirit of the super hero genre we all love.  If you haven't given it a watch, please do, and the details, love, care, and effort we infixed the MHA Action Vinyls with will come into picture, clear, and appreciated.  We toiled 10 plus months to bring this line to market; securing every detail, making sure MHA would be head of the pack, state of the art for the Action Vinyl pantheon, the hall of heroes and villains out of the nearly 2000 character stable we’ve procured in the last 10 years.  There is no doubt MHA stands a top of the hill as some of the best of the best in the AV stable.  All characters are adorned with crisp and detailed paint, killer sculpt features, and of course, great articulation so collectors can tell their favorite MHA story, or make up a new AV story with your favorite AV character relatives. 

Available NOW in ALL Box Lunch stores, an exclusive packout which includes exclusive deco treatments, and one of the meanest, baddest, deadliest of all villains, STAIN; a character exclusive ONLY to Box Lunch.  Included are rare chase figures 1/24 (Shoto Todoroki Metallic), 1/48 (Katsuki Bakugo GID), 1/96 (Deku “stoked” GID) , and a Club 28 (Stain Metallic)!   The Box Lunch exclusive is very limited in qtys, get them while they last!  One of the best Action Vinyls series to date!

Coming Soon – Hot Topic MHA exclusive with exclusive character “All Might True Form”, plus exclusive paint treatments, and rare chase figures.  Game Stop MHA exclusive character “Endeavor”, also included are exclusive paint treatments, rare chase figures, and a Club 28.  All exclusives come with Exclusive trading cards, don't forget to collect and keep those safe!  With almost 2000 different trading cards in release, TLS is silently creating a roster of very hard to find, and rare character cards.  Don't lose them!

If you don't have a Box Lunch in your area, or surrounding areas, you can pick some of the TLS MHA exclusives online by clicking on this link - https://tinyurl.com/y5bpldn3

More updates in the near future!  Including info on where to get Aggretsuko, Hot Wheels, Los Angeles Comic Con details – Man, we’re busy!

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia

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