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Hot Topic Game of Thrones Exclusive!

Wait for it.  Wait for it.  Wait for it.  Wait or it.  Wait for it!  Wait for it!!  Wait for it!!!  Wait for it!!!!  NOW!!  Everyone gets burned alive.

The screaming of those who were being burned alive was added to the cries of those not yet hit.  There was no need for flares to lead the second wave of bombers to their target, as the whole city became a gigantic torch.” – Victor Gregg

A quote from a fortunate survivor from the homicidal genocide of the people of King’s Landing?   Or a British solider, a POW in Dresden, as fire from above came raining down on civilians, igniting everything and everyone?

Writers needn’t look far for inspiration.  The history books are filled with calamity, savagery, demolition, and tragedy.  Many deeds, left dead under the soaked rapier, scythe of demolition, a fragile human psyche.  Hubris, the undoing of many, certainly those with malignant intent.  Prophets, and Princes, dog-earing the pages of history, a categorical sarcophagi, hero or villain.   A knife’s edge, a slim margin separating a hero from an anarchic vigilante.  A hero’s journey, or a hero’s fall.  The history books are filled with examples befitting both.

Tolkien follows and treads the path, “A Hero’s Journey”.  Confronted with insurmountable obstacles, temptation, torture, and tumultuous times, the hero finds himself, quite in chaos, resolute with morality when needed the most.  Thus, Lord of the Rings does not end with Frodo falling into the fire pits of Mordor, drawn into it’s fiery bath by the magnets of vanity, greed, and lust.  On the contrary, Frodo pauses, abstains, and finds the light beckoning from the end and beginning of a hero’s journey…into the light, redemption. 

In stark contrast (no pun intended), Martin builds a tale with quiet redemption.  Not a hero’s path or journey, but a people’s path – weak, fragile, strong, vain, heroic, demonic, idealistic, malign, cruel, divisive, inspiring, anodyne, sagacious, bellicose, truculent, mendacious, sanguine…in short, People.  The qualities in each Game of Throne characters find their voice in the whole of our shortcomings, wisdom, benevolence, and malfeasance.  We’ve all had those moments screaming at cars in traffic, wishing the worst, “if they could only hear our thoughts”, atrocious!  We’ve also had moments, displaying deep compassion, and altruism.  Game of Thrones was never setup to be a hero’s journey; it was always intended to be a person’s journey, our journey in some fantastical and hyperbolic story line, but nonetheless, relatable!  That’s why it feels uncomfortable.  What was aspirational in chorus, when shown its true reflection is dissonant and cacophonous, with an “all-too-real” ending.  The comeuppance is less a comeuppance, and more a whimpering flicker.  The redemption, less redeeming, and more substantive, if the value is life, and it's relations.  A hero’s journey, it is not, a people’s journey it is.  The bad guys are not paraded around with heads on sticks, but die quietly, buried by the bricks and stones, the weight of the city they so misguidedly carried until the weight could be carried no more.  The stories aspirational characters lose their battles with moral purity, and succumb to their own shortcomings.


Even if allegorical, surely there are lessons to be learned from a dynamic, myth draped epic.  The battle we fight is the battle within, and certainly is the battle both villain and hero had to face.  Bravo, bravo.  Thank you for the ride, HBO.  Sometimes you can see a painting better when you stand several feet from the surface of it’s canvas.

Now to business – Hot Topic has an exclusive Game of Thrones line – exclusive colors, rare chase figures, several costume changes, a Dothraki Daenerys (before she flipped the switch), an elegant and queenly sociopath, Cersei Lannister, her beloved brothers, and brother lover (gold hand, anyone found one yet?), as well as some chase GID Whites, a Club 28, collectors cards – and it’s all VERY limited edition!  One of our best story driven Action Vinyls releases to date, much in the heat of a gigantic pop culture event, and hopefully living on for years to come.  If the measure of its worth are characters filled with guts that wreak and steam like ours, then we should enjoy whole-heartedly.  Get to a Hot Topic near you, and join the conversation, what the TLS faithful are saying, “One of TLS best Action Vinyls lines to date!”

Game of Thrones

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