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Alien Day Give-Away and GE Update!


The long awaited GE Aliens release, hitting a retailer near you in just a short few weeks.  What better way to make the announcement than on the doorstep of Alien Day!   TLS teased releases at Hot Topic, and Target last year to welcoming fans, enthusiasts, and TLS faithfuls; all enjoying the great sculpt details, the spring loaded inner jaw, the great paint details, the poseability, and the bendy tails!  Don't forget the collector cards!

This time around, twice the Xenomorphs, twice the chase characters, a killer Club 28, a tearful and frightened Newt, a “mad as hell” Ripley, a retreating Hudson, and a brave, “bring it on” Vasquez!  Also included; Chase facehuggers, and a chase chestburster!   One of TLS’ best Action Vinyl lines, ready to turn your collection into a Xenomorph army! 

TLS will be giving away a rare Aliens Action Vinyl from the upcoming GE Aliens line!  Queue into the link provided to enter - https://www.alienuniverse.com/post/40-years-of-alien-sweepstakes

For our part, we’re huge fans of Ridley Scott, and HR Geiger.  I have these “pinch myself” moments on the regular, having the ability to work on these amazing creations from these amazing creators.  Our only job; to do these brilliant creators, painters, directors, and creatives justice, in the TLS (fun), Action Vinyls way.  We hope we achieve that basic criterion.  And if we do, that means the story is now in your hands, to ignite your creative engines, and lose yourself in the power of story.  We did! 

Aliens - The ultimate metaphor for life, competition, and the relentless pursuit of dominance, and/or annihilation by a non-deterred life force/plague.  A Darwinian game of the highest order, where the stakes, zero-sum.  With a few brave souls resolute to turn the tides, to push back, to live another day.  Aliens is rich with metaphor…that’s the power of story, the power of symbolism, the power of an anecdote, in this case, a literalization, and an eyeless face to the Armageddon which fits many shoes – Climate change, disease, the extinction of a species, a  warning….

This Alien day, we’ll all hoist a cup, to cheer this masterful story, the elegant design, and possibly the scariest villain the silver screen has ever encountered.


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