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Easy like Easter Weekend

“Did you see that!”  “What happened?”  “Jon Snow took off on that dragon?”  - and so it begins, Season 8.  Off to a good start, don't you guys think?  Palace intrigue is thick…plots, subterfuge, alliances, treason, dastardly deeds….can’t decide if I’m watching the Nightly News in this politically charged climate or Game of Thrones?  What's different, the Dragons?  If I turn on the news and dragons are lighting up Los Angeles, I quit.  Just going to find a quiet beach, somewhere south of Laguna, grab a guitar, my drumsticks, my pencils, sketch pad, some paints, and brushes, and I’ll start making Action Vinyls out of paper and sand.  Send me your PO Box and I’ll ship them in ornate beach trash turned Basquiat like works of art.

Truly, this Homeric Odyssey of Tolkien proportions is ramping up like turbines on a Trans-Atlantic double decker.  I have to say, interesting exchanges between Sansa and Daenerys, and the reveal with Samwell – “I cooked your father and brother, bend your knee.”  Wowzas.  Daenerys is turning heads, in an unfashionable way.   Who’s the last man standing?  Who’s the last woman standing?  Who’s the last wizard, warlock, witch, creature, live and/or damned standing?  Who’s it going to be for crimminy sakes?!  What if it’s M. Night Shamalyan?  He pops up at the end, done, crown me…peace.  I think there would be riots.  But, fun, funny, entertaining?  Possibly…I’m reluctantly casting my vote for M. Night Shamalyan.  Or the young kid who sees dead people from the 6th Sense?  Now fully grown, turns out to be that rich guy’s jerk kid in Entourage, you know, the guy who invests in Vincent Chase’s movie, pulling his Texan rich kid weight, palling it up with Russell Wilson at Chases’ Malibu beach house?  That guy sucked.  Maybe he gets the throne?

I’m lost, there’s a ton of family lovin’, there are dead folks ready to chop off limbs; fashionably, dare I say “hipsterly” stapling severed limbs onto walls, recreating their brand of cyclonic spin art (cool logo).  Warriors, Warlocks, Dragons and Witch Kings… I have no idea who’s going to win this dang game!  That throne looks uncomfortable.  Where’s the cushion?  Maybe just a little on the bottom, keep those cheeks soft against the cast iron melded swords?  Maybe that’s the whole point, no one is ever comfortable on the throne?  I wouldn’t be, especially with that 8’ tall executioner bodyguard dude.  I would soften his demeanor after a few games of UNO, guaranteed…like putty in my hands.  He just needs to be understood.

But seriously folks!  Easter Sunday sees a new episode, one step closer, one event closer, and a chance for folks to come together, to fight for a common interest against the one threat which will destroy them all; a dead dragon blazing blue flames (hotter than red flames btw), an army of dead folks, and Warlocks/Wizards who summon the powers of the Necronomicon.  There isn’t enough Dragon Glass in the mountains of Dragonstone to pass this test.  It's getting exciting, get your pools ready, I feel this is going to go down like an NCAA bracket…shambles by the Final Four.  For reals, who picked Virginia and Texas Tech?  Not I said the fly.  If it ain’t M. Night Shamalyan then it’s the Mad King, resurrected by sorcery.  That’s my Championship bracket!  Or maybe this is a euphemism for global warming; Mankind fighting a deadly, omnipotent power, for the survival of mankind?  Choose your metaphor.

Let’s talk retail – GOT at Target is on fire.  Thank you guys!  GOT Action Vinyls are absolutely crushing.  The pallet train hits Walmart April 30th.  I thought it was first week of April, I thought wrong.  Turns out to be the last day of April.  Go get those Dragons!   Hot Topic’s exclusives hit first through second week of May.  This set is fire, and super limited in numbers!  Mark your calendars!

Let's talk Easter – I love Easter.  Why?  Springtime baby!  Baseball season!  Spring swells at Salt Creek!  Spring is in the air!  This is my favorite swing in seasons, from Winter to Spring…my heart absolutely glows this time of year, especially with the flowing sweet smell of jasmine, every where you walk…swoon.  Here are few of my Easter memories, courtesy of JC’s mother’s nostalgia machine, aka old picture books.  Enjoy your Holiday Weekend TLS Army!  Much love to all of you!  PS  Apparently these pics are sepiatone bc I'm as old as dirt, at least old as the early 70's.

The Loyal Subjects Easter

The Loyal Subjects Easter

The Loyal Subjects Easter

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