Finally!  A show in our own backyard!  Halloween 2015 will be a weekend to remember, and this year we're celebrating the only way we know how...AT COMIKAZE EXPO!  That’s right, the boys are back in town and bringing some serious fire along the way.  We better see you there ;-)

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Expect to see a new addition to the Action Vinyls repertoire, because the 8” Battle Damage Leo has arrived and is ready to be scooped up by those fortunate enough to get their hands on it.  The edition size on these articulated 8” TMNT collectibles were very low, so we suggest you do not sleep.  Fortunately there’s enough candy to go around, and plenty of spooky costumes to shake you up in the meantime.

We’ll be repping Booth # 543 and giving the highest 5’s to everyone in the TLS Nation.  Come out, support, get yourself an armful of Action Vinyls and maybe some sweet goodies to boot.



We're pleased to announce that Friday @ 2:00pm & Saturday @ 11:00am Joe Allard will be in attendance at the show for in-booth signing sessions!  Be sure to drop by and get your Action Vinyls signed!

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