We're stoked to be doing Comikaze this year, (nearly) in our backyard here in Los Angeles, CA.  Do you like Stan Lee?  Check.  Do you like Halloween?  Check.  Do you like Comic Cons?  Check.  Do you like Sunny California Days?  Check.  Do you like dressing up and getting weird?  Check.  Do you like ACTION VINYLS?  Check.  Do you like to be the first kids getting their hands on TLS' TMNT Collectibles?  Check.  Do you like getting them signed by the series designer, Joe Allard?  Check.

Boom!  We have it all.  Come down, get weird, we'll get weird too and we'll have a rocking fun time at the Comikaze Expo, going from Halloween to Nov 3rd (NEXT WEEKEND)!

Come say hello, we won't bite.  Promise.  Well, maybe just a little, afterall it is Halloween =) 

Les Schettkoe will be on hand signing too (if his wife isn't having a baby at that time).  Congratulations to Les and his family.  If you don't know the Schettkoes, they are awesome and a growing family.

BOOTH #622 - see you Next Weekend!