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November 5, 2014

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COMIKAZE!!  Crazy like it sounds.  We popped up our little 10' x10' Shop not expecting too much; dipping the proverbial toe.  We were shocked with the turn-out.  Saturday looked like Comic-Con 12 years ago - tons of energy, great vibes, community, a ton of look-i-loos,  generally curious about what was happening.  You could feel the swell.  This show has legs and we'll be sure to stretch ours next year into a deeper shoe.  Halloween brought out the costumes?  Lol - not sure about this one - sort of the chicken before the egg.  I made the point to our Designer Joe Allard that it (Comikaze) should be good on Halloween, tons of costumes and the like and Joe promptly corrected me - "Cosplayers don't need a Holiday as an excuse to dress up."  Ha!  He was 100% right.  Cosplayers were in full effect, with those glorious and detailed costumes, the same vibe as SDCC.  Amazing the imagination on some of these fans.

Day 1 through 3 - we unveiled for public consumption our TMNT x TLS ACTION VINYLS blindbox collectibles.  Huge hit!  These little dudes are next level; 9 points of articulation, interchangeable weapons and great details and nuances, the kind you would expect from a TMNT collectibles line.  We hope you think so =)  Joe Allard was slinging ink with his paint pen, signing boxes for fans and our staff was slinging tees, Transformers, you name it!  A good time had by all!  Some of our fan familia came out - Steve from Vegas, Diana (our big G.I. Joe fan), Maryanne (tired from slugging it out from her college courses but always looking on point), the Vinyl Dead (always good to see these dudes), Buggjuice (our Intsagram buddy), some of our close friends and family and a bunch of new friends and acquaintances.  We were super hyped and stoked on the whole event.  Thank Yous go out to our licensing partners for being awesome - Hasbro, Saban and Nickelodeon =)

We'll see you guys again next year at Comikaze with Power Rangers, more Transformers, more Turtles, How To Train Your Dragon, G.I. Joe Wave 2, Mr. Potato Head, and much, much more!  

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