Soundwave - a precise and deadly cadet in Megatron's forces.  Soundwave is the supreme intelligence and spy operation for the Decepticons.  He is also very powerful and poses a mortal threat to all Autobots he comes in contact with.   Grimlock - a powerful and primitive beast.  Neither friend nor foe.  He stands alone with his Dinobot clan.  He favors no one but hates the Decepticons.  This proves positive for Optimus Prime and the Autobots.   Soundwave and Grimlock face off on Cybertron.  Two formidable opponents in the war for power and reign over the Transformers home planet. 

This box set is next level.  Soundwave and Grimlock in black with their glowing eyes, ready to set Cybertron ablaze.  If you're a fan of the Transformers and a fan of The Loyal Subjects' Transformers minis, this set is for you.  Only 700 made.  Get it while you can.  A window box with some great spot UV detail.  Perfect for display or pose each figure in a face off with everything at stake.