You've got the touch!  You've got the power!  You're a winner!  Sound familiar?  Stan Bush, baby, Stan Bush.   So who's Stan Bush?  Duh, he wrote the theme song to the Transformers Movie!  As if!  Remember Boogie Nights?  That scene where Mark Wahlberg and John C. Reilly booked some studio time and started recording a rock pop epic?  Well, that was Stan Bush's The Touch.  How cool is that?  Correction, how EPIC is that?  Pretty epic.  Even though clearly a rhetorical remark, it still needed to be answered.  Epic.

If you were a fan of the Transformers Movie like we were then you might still be traumatized by the sad truth that befell us all and more importantly our great leader, Optimus Prime.   Prime dies and as he dies he turns gray.  The color of the powerful warrior is drained from his body, just like the spark which gives him life dims from his chest.  So, in the best spirit of one of the more radical variations in the arch of Optimus Prime, we decided to go deep - we present to you in a very large format (8" tall and hugely wide), DEAD PRIME.  

This piece is intense - beautiful and ornate deco, illsutrating the strains and punishment from the battle which claimed OP, as well as a detailed look into Optimus Prime's chest.  Ultimately the life giving spark which boldly motivated this magnanimous hero.   Primes ginormous blaster comes with this beautiful piece.  Like the mini figures he has multiple points of articulation and he comes packaged in a special SDCC exclusive box.  Available for $115.00/ea, Edition size 300.  One of the more rare Optimus Prime pieces in this known Universe.  Available Friday, July 19th from 1-2p coinciding with a signing by designer Les Schettkoe.  A must have for any Transformers fan.  Produced and Manufactured by yours truly (The Loyal Subjects) under License from the equally magnanimous Hasbro, Inc.  Available at The Loyal Subjects Booth #5645.  For those who can't make the Con, a limited number of pieces will be available online after 2p the same day. 

We hope that you enjoy.  We pour a heaving ton of passion into these projects.  We love them so intensely, they are like our children.  Now, go kick some Decepticon butt!  

Psst.  Super leak below.  This is Nemesis Prime.  He's huge.  The guy next to him is the mini Prime (3").  Kind of insane, right?  Keep your peepers peeled for Nemesis, DIY and OG Prime.  Coming soon =)  All monster size too!