It's that time of year again folks!  We all get together before the Turkeys, Candied Yams, Homemade Stuffing, Pumpkin Pies and apertifs-o-plenty and we celebrate all things great in Design, Art, Toys, Fun and more importantly a Communion between the TLS family and our supporters!  It's Designer Con baby and we have what you need!  What's that you say?  What do you need?  Well, I don't want to sound presumptuous but I'm thinking some secret stash Transformers exclusives and G.I. Joe two pack exclusives that we held in our archives just for this very occasion!  Also, we have our Transformers Minis, our Big Optimus Prime 8" Vinyls, and 2 kinds of Mystery Bags.  Bag #1 - only 100 available and costs only $50.00.  So what's inside?  At least $200 worth of merchandise and it's all really good finds - nothing extra, just the creme de la creme from the TLS collection!   Bag #2 - only 100 available and costs only $100.00.  So what's inside you say?  At least $350.00 worth of amazing collectibles!  This is our gift to you!  You will be floored when you purchase.  At least one item that you had always wanted from TLS but just seem to have slipped through your hands will be included!  Finally!  Score!

We also have T-shirt specials on Transformers and G.I. Joe Tees - 1 for $20.00, 2 for $35.00 and 3 for $40.00!  SCORE!!!  These are really nice shirts!  Skateboard specials too - 1 for $40.00, 2 for $55.00 and 3 for $65.00!   What is wrong with us?  I don't know but I feel like that dude in that Sit N' Sleep Commercial!  You're Killing Me Larry!

See you guys in Pasadena.  Les Schettkoe, the Mini Series designer for both Transformers and G.I. Joe will be on hand signing each day from Noon-2p.  He's an awesome dude, come say what's up!  We're booth #529, can't miss us!

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