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November 9, 2012

The Loyal Subjects, Convention, Joe Ledbetter

Wow, did that just happen? Did Elvis really leave the building? Did we start the morning with almost 100 Lava Bunnies and end up with a bunch of empty boxes, some crusty donuts, a lot of hand shakes and a bunch of smiling faces? I think so. I'm pretty sure that just happened. Nice. That feels good.

Conventions are crazy, even the ones in your own backyard. We're in Atwater Village and Designer Con is in Pasadena. Maybe a 15 minute drive from our HQ. Closeness to proximity doesn't matter, it's still chaos. We're ripping apart the warehouse, bubble wrapping our fixtures, getting our samples ready, making sure our loyal customers are being communicated to, packing up 17' long trucks - it's a massive effort for just a 9 hour show. And it's only 1 day. And it's fun! This is just the tip of the iceberg. We have Toy Fair coming in February. A secret release this January in Amsterdam. Another secret release this coming March in Beijing. Comic Con in San Diego! It's nuts!! And it's all Joe Ledbetter related! More Nuts! Side Note - You can never use enough emphatics. Really, the good ole exclamation mark is king. Simple, yet effective. People are intuitive. Intuition created the exclamation mark. A perfect union of design and expression.

Enough of the side track crazy train. Let's talk about Designer Con! Everyone happy? I know, not everyone but we will make it our mission for you to be stoked! It's my goal to make sure that whoever lost out on this round will be included in the next. We are democratic, we are loyal, you are our subjects and we are yours. We're one in the same and we know it's you guys who make us tick. It's you guys who prop us up and believe-you-me, we are grateful to our very core. We are never lost on that point. We were excited to meet our friends, familiar faces and new faces, all celebrating the return of Lava Bunny, Joe's first intro into the art toy scene way back, several years ago. It's great that The Loyal Subjects were able to produce a very identifiable and unique design, one which has resonated with a really great core group. Even greater, it's amazing the great group of collectors who have connected with Joe Ledbetter through the years. It truly is fantastic and everyone feels blessed to have the support from all of you. Art with an impact. Can't get any better, can you?

Congratulations to all of you who were able to score one, meet Joe and have Joe sign your prized Bunny. Congratulations to Joe Ledbetter for being fierce, dynamic and truly an all around great guy! And for kicking so much butt last Saturday! Let's keep the momentum going. Word on the street is, there's another Bunny going up on the market. Something about a leak Monday? Perhaps it'll be on sale at www.theloyalsubjects.com on Wed? So I've heard. Keep them ears and peepers peeled. we got your back!













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