FREE Christmas T-Shirts!

What's more Awesome than Awesome?   Not much.  It's hard to trump Awesome.  BUT, there's a close second.  It's Awesome's nephew and he goes by the name of FREE.  Free, since carrying the same DNA, is next to Awesome.  Genetic rules say so.  Now that you've had a crash course in genealogy that wasn't ripped from, I say you're about ready to get your FREE on!

"How" do you ask?  Easy.  Make a purchase for $50.00 and get a FREE, AWESOME CHRISTMAS TEE!  It's so awesome that my Caps Lock button just broke writing that!
You can also buy the Christmas T-shirts for $25.00 if nothing else is striking your fancy.  I find that hard to believe though - we sell Transformers, G.I. Joe, Joe Ledbetter and Gary Baseman products on our webstore.  These are all much needed and highly collectible items coveted by just about everyone who is anyone and whom has a collection of anything of some importance.  That's right.  The gauntlet has been dropped.  Put away your "Meh" and "Eh" (too whiny and negative) and head face first into Awesome's bossom.  Go for it!
  1. Make purchase
  2. Get free t-shirt
  3. Email [email protected] for size, color and design preference.
  4. Tees are Unisex
  5. Be Happy because we do Christmas right!
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