"Bleep blurp blop bloople deep bloop".  This is either the sound this beautiful and colorful polka dotted creature makes when you bop it, or it's the language spoken by the creators of FriendsWithYou.  It could be both.  I've had full conversations with Sam Borkson (1/2 of FriendsWithYou) using this sort of "Mork from Ork", techno-challenged super alien robotish like speak.  It's fun.  It's all in the cadence and the exageration of your "oops", "bleeps" and "eeps".

It's working.  Our beautiful, Koonsian Creatures are suddenly making appearances everywhere.

I always had a fascination with those old school bags - you know the ones - those stand up punching bags we had when we were kids?  They essentially w
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