FriendsWithYou - MR. TTT BOP BAG!

I always had a fascination with those old school bags - you know the ones - those stand up punching bags we had when we were kids?  They essentially were big inflatable Weebles(bc Weebles never Wobble...or something like that).  I think I had a Mickey Mouse one.  I would channel my sugar high and I would start getting medieval on that sucker!  Here I am, 30 some odd years later, still thinking about that sugar high and still down for those bop bags.  So, I made one!  With FriendsWithYou!  A perfect fit, right?  Super happy, experiential and sculptural art with plumes of happy go lucky feelings oozing out of it's rainbow spectrum.  Seemed to be a good fit for me.  FriendsWithYou already had established themselves as the premiere inflatable artists.  If you were at South Beach forArt Basel in the last four years, you may have seen a giant, happy floating creature - that would be FriendsWithYou.  
The Mr. TTT Bop Bag stands 50" tall, has a sand weighted base and he/her/it can take a good walloping!  Only 250 made and retailing for $90.00.  I think we only have four left so sorry about this SUPER LATE BLOG POST.  Boy, I kind of suck.  Maybe you can grab one of the four that is left.
Buy it HERE!

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