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I said, train kept a-rolling all night long, train kept a rolling all night long!  It's been two weeks since the pallet train hit the tracks, two weeks, and TLS has been flyin’ like a freight train, on the ole pallet train…choo choo!  When I started TLS, almost 10 years ago, and if anyone came tappin’ on my shoulder, “Hey there buddy, you’re going make a bunch of killer collectibles, it’s going to be in a giant Dragon head caravan with packs of Oreos, and Todd McFarlane,” I might have replied, “You’re drunk, go home.”  Alas, the clairvoyant indeed is clear…Dragons, Wolves, Jon Snow…oh my!  Kidding aside, this moment marked a significant milestone in the TLS timeline.  TLS was included in a giant promotion steered by HBO, and hosted by Walmart.  Lil’ ole us, an art-house really, comprised of passionate artists, creators, product developers, and folks who believe in grand ideas and curating experiences.  A promotion as such, usually offered to the big Co’s; Hasbro, Mattel…the giants!  In this case, we had enough history under our belt, enough of a resume, enough awesome supporters, and we got the call, “Hey Jonny, you’ve been called up, the big leagues.”  I was happy to take the mound.

A couple of unique checks;

  1. Actors have final approval.  That means Kit, Emilia, Lena, Peter, Nikolaj, and the Night King had to review our representations of their characters and sign off, ultimately meaning, “Rad, I dig.  Approved.”  That probably sounds Hollywood and such, you know, the first name thing…fact is, never met any of them but apparently my girlfriend sees Emilia Clarke hiking Runyon Canyon…true story.
  2. The Night King is a fictional character with no likeness of any human being, or being, known to earth or men and women on earth, so we didn't need his sign off.
    1. We hope the Night King doesn't show up in some Westeros space pod to collect royalties – just an aside.
  3. How bout them Oreos!  I loved Oreos as a kid, been watching my weight as of late, so haven’t indulged, but dang, have to pop the tops, scrape off that stuffing with the tops of my teeth like rakes to the sand traps at Augustus.  You know what I’m talking about.  Dip a little in milk…cavity heaven!
  4. The first two weeks TLS sold edging up to 50% off all merchandise placed.  Let me put this into perspective – selling 10% in 2 weeks is really good for any Brand at Walmart.  These are space numbers.  Thank you #TLSARMY!

Now, I know, you’re all saying, “Man, I named my daughter Danaerys, and she just flipped, went mental, wigged out, and torched the peaceful people of Westeros.  How do I stay down with that?”  If we’re splitting hairs, her Dragon did all the torching, Dany seemed like she was on a fun joy ride, kind of like Atreyu on the back of Falkor….cool wind in her hair, sweet smell of colitis rising up through the air….screeeech…maybe that smell were the good folks of Westeros burning, but you get the point.  Too soon?    Anyway, Dany’s hair looked good, hardly a strand out of place, even with all that ducking and weaving at high speeds.  Kind of like the TLS representation of Dany, not a hair misplaced, that sweet smile, and ready to take the dragons out for much needed walks, introduce them to the neighbors, you know, the congenial neighborly thing to do.  If one coughs, burps, farts, probably curtains for the neighbor…you can hardly blame that sweet, little, scaley wubbie wubbie dragon though, have a heart!  Just a widdle indigestion, no big deal….the neighbor becomes a campfire for all the other neighbors  to pile around, so they all can enjoy.  Altruism.

I’m sure there are plenty of internet holes to fall down concerning the last GOT episode…reddits galore!   This is not one, but, as John Lennon once heroically decried, “Give peace a chance.”  Who knows what the last episode brings?  We all have our bets on which horse will place, and which one to the winner’s circle!  Maybe it's a Wave 2 character?

This is the last weekend to attack those pallets.  Dragons and Wolves are almost gone…Club 28’s, a Gold piece, all still floating in the space between, ready for a luckster to pluck one from the cardboard caverns of the Pallet Train.  Go get em while there’s some gettin’!  One of the best Action Vinyls series to date, and what a blessing to be just a pimple on this beautiful pop culture phenomenon…Game of Thrones!

We are one and done with this pressing, as in the way we do it.  All very limited, GOT and it’s otherworldly, and friendly animals are worth the space in your collection.  It's ok, give Captain Kirk a break.  He’s been calling the Enterprise on your shelf for 10 years now, send him home for criminy sakes, let the man see his family!  Jon Snow, with Longclaw will protect your rare Luke Skywalker better than the ole Captain’s log man can.

Keep an eye out – Hot Topic has their own exclusives hitting shelves very soon.  You think this series is rare, HT’s series is head spinning rare, so rare the factory called me up like that “Sit N’ Sleep” commercial – “You’re killing me Larry!”   Instead of Larry it was “You’re killing me JC!”  As in, “We’re used to pushing out 1MM Darth Vaders, what do you mean you’re top character order is less than 2k units!?”  All because we love you guys, and we love Hot Topic.  Watch out for a blog update early next week shedding some light regarding the on shelf availability for Hot Topic’s TLS x GOT exclusive!

I said, train kept a-rolling all weekend long, train kept a rolling all weekend long! 

Game of Thrones Walmart


I love this pic...not sure who took it, but, right on, great pic!  Sharing on our blog if you be so kind =)

Game of Thrones Jon Snow

Game of Thrones Night King


Who doesn't love a punk rock Cersei!

Cersei Lannister

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