The Loyal Subjects is unique, in that we decide to work on projects (develop, produce and distribute) which come from single points of truth.  Be it excitement, outlandish, brilliant, feverish, elegant, powerful and sometimes didactic.  It's not as though other companies don't do that as well and that we are unique, standing on an island, but we're unique as personalities are unique.  The Loyal Subjects is not only a brand, it's a personality.  A heart pumping, evolving and curious being.  We are unique to our own finger print and part of that finger print is embracing our inherent truth - Doing what we like and what coincides with our values and principles.  With the intent of translating our passion, identity and message to the audience and hoping that they are as turned on as we are.

Gary Baseman's creative ingenuity aligns with our sensibilities.  Rich in character, injected with philosophy and aromatic with discovery.  The Kostopol Warrior is a perfect example.
Kostopol - A town in what was Poland, now the Ukraine.  During the Nazi occupation in WWII, Kostopol was ravaged and the good citizens perished in unthinkable circumstance(s).  Very few people survived and those that did were able to proudly carry forward their heritage and set permanent reminders to new generations; warning them of the evils of men and the heroic acts of virtue.  Gary Baseman's mother was a survivor from Kostopol, thus the Kostopol Warrior - celebrating those who proudly pushed back against tyranny and stood strong with righteous intent.  The Kostopol Warrior represents these virtues and strengths, even in the frozen coat of winter.  Truly, an allegoric hero, as well as a brilliant creation by Gary Baseman.
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