The event recaps always take a second to recollect and document.  Trust us, it isn't a procrastination vice.  It seems that way since we're always a week or two post event before we're able to collect our thoughts and the pictures we want to share.
The Loyal Subjects had the opportunity a little more than a week ago to co-host a signing with the very generous brand, Bait.   We are certainly grateful for Bait's hospitality and the amazing job the Bait crew did organizing Gary Baseman's first Buckingham Warriorsigning (the Kostopol Warrior).  I would personally like to thank Kevin Cao for bringing this together.
The Buckingham Warrior is a deeply personal project for Gary Baseman, and, we at The Loyal Subjects back his passion 100%.  The signing was fantastic.  There were fans from around the world and everyone who participated was satisfied - expectation met!  Below is an interview Gary gave to CNN reporter Chris Marrow.   Gary gives an intimate view inside a deeply personal experience. 
The Kostopol Warrior is $120.00 and available at (only 250 made).

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