If you're queued into Gary Baseman and his Anthropomorphic Pantheistic imagination then I'm sure you are well aware of his favorite character, Toby.  Toby is a cat.  A cat that experiences life through all mystic dimensions, including the ones here, on earth.  That is probably where you have seen Toby - or you may have seen him documented through his detailed travels, ala the Toby postcards, as seen on Gary Baseman's Facebook page.  Toby has been to South America, Russia, Europe, Asia, the Middle East - serious, it's hard to keep up with this cat.  His Passport looks like a coupon book from an episode of Hoarders.  
Since Toby is so famous and so well recognized, it seemed only fitting to make a Toby 36" inflatable.  It's fitting in every way.  It's a bit retro, it's art, it's sculptural, it's perfect in a physical space, it's fun, and it's...TOBY!!  So, if you don't mind spending $80.00 for a piece of this most famous cat, then I say by all means, take this bad boy home!  
In case you haven't noticed - anything Toby from Gary's past creations are sprouting up on EBAY, demanding some serious steep fortunes.  I've seen one for $2k.  $80.00 is a drop in the bucket for this loveable icon.  You can buy one HERE!
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