G.I. Joe

"Yo! Joe!  G.I. Joe!  A Real American Hero!" --> If that doesn't put you right back into the sand pit or curled up on your couch after school with a bowl of Captain Crunch then I don't know what does!  G.I. Joe is a pillar of our youth!  The TV series!  The Toys!  The Vehicles!  The Playsets!  Heaven!  I got my first G.I. Joe when I was 10.  There used to be a spinner rack at Thriftys that had Star Wars toys on it.

If you haven't heard, G.I. Joe Wave 2 is out!  ONLY select retailers stock these beautiful, detailed, articulated, and nuanced Action Vinyls!  Harkens back to the days of old when we suspended reality, got lost in the backyard and created a whole world where Snake Eyes battled the onslaught of Cobra Soldiers!  Wave 2 is packed with a rich arsenal of signature accessories and blasters!  A must have for G.I. Joe fans and fans of the Action Vinyls Universe!  AND they are available at your local Hot Topic now!

We are as pleased as Duke - standing victorious on the battlefield watching the defeated COBRA scurry away, licking their wounds - to announce the sneak peek of G.I. Joe Wave 2 Action Vinyls!  2 years in the making!  We had to pivot a couple times but we found that magic formula, one worthy of the Action Vinyls stamp!  These Action Heros are next level; removable masks, helmets, 12 points of articulation, several signature accessories and vehicles.  Whaaaa?!  Vehicles?!  Yes, vehicles!

I know.  We're really excited for Comic Con too.

Did you come to the G.I. JOE Custom show this past Summer at Sub-Urban Vinyl?  If you didn't peep below.  Thank you to the good folks at Sub-Urban Vinyl, Tenacious Toys, Hasbro, the artists and of course, Les Schettkoe.  These are salt of the earth people.  Truly passionate and we're fortunate to have them as friends.  Thank you for all of your support.  Rob Lumino and Benny Kline worked hard to make this happen.  They are Saints in our book =)




If you are within 1000 miles of the Legendary Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, CA you should be at our Transformers Trading Party right now!  Whoop Whoop!  Here's the Scoop - it's hosted by TLS' own Jamie and Eamon.  The rest of the skinny?  Free drinks and snacks, friends, trading, 2 fer 1 Blindbox purchases from 5-7p, 2 fer 1 Tees 5-7p, fans who pull chase figures get a FREE Blindbox, a surprise appearance from the Transformers and G.I.

We're mental.  Clearly.  Super mental - lock us up, throw away the key, stick us on an island and toss coconuts at us all day - mental.  We have 8 different Exclusives for this SDCC.  E I G H T.  Hurts just to say it.  So ritcheous.  We go the extra mile to stoke you out.  We want you to be so stoked on TLS, so stoked you'll have permagrin.  So stoked that it actually makes other people smile.  People will stop you at work and say "Hey, I really dig how stoked you are!

If you're going to maliciously take over the world you should do it in style.  Starting to think Destro and Cobra Commander were frequent shoppers at some very exclusive French Couture clothiers.  Where else can you purchase a sweet, slim cut tight leather suit, personized with some very nuanced details?  Or killer super villain belts and buckles with menacing capes?  These dudes were on the inside.  They had a pension for bling.  So much, they melded their faces in gold boullions.

Aye, it was a dark stormy night.  The small town of Waldwick all but prey.  The small houses, shaking and creaking from subtle winds approaching, feeling, feeding.  The skies were black and wrought with doubt.  Looms of dark clouds spilled over like fountains of clumped thread.  Heavy.  Trapping all bits of confidence, bundling hope into small tombs, into dark lonely places, lost and aimless.  No key in sight.  Something, somethings lurked beyond the mountains of black.  Emanate.

Special Thanks to - Eric Phan, Eric Cheng, the Bait Store Crew, The TLS Crew (J Bird and Fili), Nancy Braga, Les Schettkoe, UVT, D/CF, Sharon Swanson, Elizabeth Miller, Eddy Baptista

You can grab them now at www.hottopic.com - Go to the NEW ARRIVALS section and give it a go (or just click on the aforementioned link).  Scroll to Page 4 and you're good as gold!  The G.I. JOE Series #1 Minis are stacked!  Embedded with the same spirit as the original, with the same attention to detail and the same signature accessories.

"Wherever there's trouble, G.I. JOE is there!  G.I. JOE!  A Real American Hero!"  

In the great tradition of Sticker Packs, we have boldly entered the realm with the Sticker Gladiators to present to you a potential new Champion - The G.I. JOE/TRANSFORMERS Sticker 4 Pack designed by Les Schettkoe.  Let's list the attributes:  Rad.  Awesome.  Killer.  Dope.  Fresh.  Sweet.  Sick.  Dayum.  Right on.  Power to the People.  Cobra Commander.  Snake Eyes.  Optimus Prime.  And, Megatron.  I'm going to stop here.

Locked and loaded. NYC, we came, we saw, we pulverized - tees, vinyls, skate decks - NYC Toy Fair never had a chance. We dropped TRANSFORMERS, CYBERTRON, G.I. JOE and COBRA, all at the same time. We sweetly terrorized our friends and retailers with mini Transformers showing off 7 points of articulations, incredible Tees laid out by Sket-One, the genius designs from Les Schettkoe, G.I. JOE mini figures sporting unique accessories and those beautifuly identifiable characters - SNAKE EYES, STORM SHADOW, COBRA COMMANDER - it was relentless.

We're just a few weeks out from having these babies in house.  3", multiple points of articulation, signature weapons, signature accessories, core characters, chase figures - What?!  This is crazy.  I can't believe I get to work on G.I. JOE.  My favorite toy line as a kid.  It's kind of like Christmas morning and here we are, just weeks away from delivering!  Amazing.  

I remember my first G.I. JOE experience.  I was in grade school.  We went to a little Catholic Elementary school down in Laguna Beach, CA.  It's still there.  St. Catherine's, St. Nicholas.  Sometimes my father would come pick us up after school.  When he would, chances were he was swinging us by this store which had $.15 Ice Cream.  We would anticipate it.  It was heaven.  A ritual which helped to define great memories during that period of time in our little lives.

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