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May 22, 2013

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Well said Duke, well said.   A sentiment echoi'ing, more like tattooed throughout the hollow cavaties of my youth entombed memories.  G.I. Joe was my baby sitter.  The TV Show was.  I learned to be cool, to not start fights, to treat others fairly, don't play in the street, don't play with matches - all through some generic, newwave, Korean electronic box radiating my eyeballs with it's cathode tube rays.  High art, high fidelty.  The Tube included a channel changer that weighed 4lbs and was the size of a small brick.  Potentially a weapon.  Often rattled during a brother/sister entanglment, but never used because of the "Knowing is Half the Battle" messaging.  See kids?  Stops and makes you think.  (Fun Fact - said TV was given to us by Paul Schimmel - the Former Head Curator of MOCA).  This tube was always on channel 11.  Fox.  At 3:00pm.  BAM!  G.I. Joe time!  Knowing IS half the battle.  An amazing cartoon spilling over with hero vs villain goulash until our little 12 year old tummies were filled with action, adventure, redemption and allegory.  Actually, it was the three bowls of cereal I ate during the half hour.  I loved that show.  I loved the music behind the show too.  That staccato piano banging away, amplifying every tense situation.  Din din din din din din din din! ACTION!  I loved it.

Seems fitting that I swallowed the opportunity whole when we were approached about potentially producing G.I. Joe collectibles.  The little boy inside kicked through my stomach walls, just like Alien, spilling out onto the floor, screaming "Yes!  I want to do this more than anything!"  So, here we are.  We've created some pretty cool collectibles in the process.  I love them like I love Christmas.  I'm not alone.  There are teams of kids and kids past who have these emotional connections to G.I. Joe.  It's a part of our fabric.  Part of our narrative.  Naturally, a Custom show connecting a very underground and clandestine group of design Inspirados would be a great idea.  These guys are like us.  They love G.I. JOE!  They love pop culture!  They love art and they love design!  Bam!  Your chocolate is in our peanut butter!  This is sweet!  Yo Joe!

Friday, May 31st - SubUrban Vinyl, Tenacious Toys and The Loyal Subjects bring you the ultimate G.I. JOE kick off with a Custom show at SubUrban Vinyl in New Jersey (details below).  Super special thanks must go out to Robert from SubUrban Vinyl, Benny from Tenacious Toys and the amazing people at Hasbro for all of their love and support - Nancy, Sharon, Michael, Eddy, Val, Luis - you guys are our Rock Stars and we're very fortunate to be rocking this tune with you.  Special, special thanks to Les Schettkoe for knocking it out of the park and to the TLS crew who work it everyday - Jonathan Bird and Filberto Seanez.  We can't wait for this Custom show!  30 + artists!  Amazing Customs!  Snake Eyes and Storm Shadows costumes from the movie!  What?!  This is mental!  Food, drink!  What!?  I'm passing out from excitement.  Done.

See you there! 4-9p EST

SubUrban Vinyl - 4 Federick Street, Waldwick, NJ 07463 - tel:201-857-2480


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