You can grab them now at www.hottopic.com - Go to the NEW ARRIVALS section and give it a go (or just click on the aforementioned link).  Scroll to Page 4 and you're good as gold!  The G.I. JOE Series #1 Minis are stacked!  Embedded with the same spirit as the original, with the same attention to detail and the same signature accessories. If you're a vinyl fan, a toy fan, a G.I. JOE fan or just a pop culture junkie, how could you not grab these?  You would be insane not to.  These are H. O. T., hot!  Also loaded with three amazing Chase figures.  Check out BAIT.  I'm pretty sure they revealed some Chase figures.  The Movie is #1 too!  Congratulations to Director Jon Chu, Paramount Pictures and Hasbro.  How cool is that?  #1, not bad.

Let's keep this relative wave of awesomeness rolling.  We need you guys to make it happen.  If you make it happen, we'll keep making cool things.  I promise.

PS  Les Schettkoe is a stud.  He designed these amazing minis.

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