I remember my first G.I. JOE experience.  I was in grade school.  We went to a little Catholic Elementary school down in Laguna Beach, CA.  It's still there.  St. Catherine's, St. Nicholas.  Sometimes my father would come pick us up after school.  When he would, chances were he was swinging us by this store which had $.15 Ice Cream.  We would anticipate it.  It was heaven.  A ritual which helped to define great memories during that period of time in our little lives.

In the store there was a pegged rack that spun like a Lazy Susan.  A pegged carousel.  The pegged carousel was usually home to the multiverse that was Star Wars.  This too was heaven.  One day the Star Wars figures were no longer there.  There were these new figures,  G.I. JOE.  I grabbed one.  MAJOR BLUDD.  My father agreed to buy it for me.  I went home, took that figure straight to the microuniverse that was our backyard and created the fabric which would later define that imagination emporium, eventually becoming the battle ground for a very real G.I. JOE vs. COBRA conflict.  I was obsessed.   I wanted every character, every vehicle, every weapon.  I loved this universe.

Can you imagine 30 years later getting the keys to this car?  Being able to build out our G.I. JOE universe?  This is unreal.  A dream come true.  Truly a mindblowing experience to have the rights to flip through the entire character catalogue  developing our ideas of how we aim to compliment this epic world, this epic brand.  And here we are.  A year in the making. 

Finally, we present to you - THE LOYAL SUBJECTS x G.I. JOE.  Available now for preorder on www.theloyalsubjects.com .

Designed by Les Schettkoe. 

We wanted to create an accessible and highly collectible version of this brilliant universe, with the fingerprints and accents of the vinyl community.  What better way to bring this whole puzzle home than a 3" Blindbox mini series!  Keep you guessing but chances are, the figure you pick will have it's own place on that coveted mantle footprint which houses the best of your collection.  Keep building your character catalog until you get the whole SERIES 1 COLLECTION!  There are chase figures too.  Three of them!  Chase 1 - 1/24.  Chase 2 - 1/48.  Chase 3 - 1/120.  The chase figures are K I L L E R.  The boys (and future girls *cough* - leak?) will come in a 16 count display.  Buy the display too, all 16 pieces!  We're offering this as well on www.theloyalsubjects.com.

So who are the characters?  DUKE, SNAKE EYES, STORM SHADOW, COBRA COMMANDER,  ZARTAN, DESTRO, GUNG-HO and SNOW JOB.  Each character comes with their signature weapon(s) and accessories.  Get this - the characters have those old school pegged holes on the bottoms of the feet and in the back.  What for?  Interchangeable back packs and equipment!  ZARTAN even comes with another FACE. 
R A D ! ! !  It's all in the details =)

So, are you guys in?  Are you joining sides?  Let's get busy!  YO JOE!  Because "Knowing is half the battle".


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