G.I. Joe Wave 2 at Hot Topic!

If you haven't heard, G.I. Joe Wave 2 is out!  ONLY select retailers stock these beautiful, detailed, articulated, and nuanced Action Vinyls!  Harkens back to the days of old when we suspended reality, got lost in the backyard and created a whole world where Snake Eyes battled the onslaught of Cobra Soldiers!  Wave 2 is packed with a rich arsenal of signature accessories and blasters!  A must have for G.I. Joe fans and fans of the Action Vinyls Universe!  AND they are available at your local Hot Topic now!  These might be the most detailed Action Vinyls to date.  While supplies last.  Check your local Hot Topic for availability or shop online!

- http://www.hottopic.com/product/g.i.-joe-x-the-loyal-subjects-series-2-blind-box-figure/10500935.html#q=GI%2BJoe&start=1

Rare chase figures + your favorite Cobra villains + your favorite G.I. Joe heroes = EPIC!  Also included are collectors cards!

"Yo! Joe!"

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Baroness and Major Bludd

Copperhead and Firefly

Crimson Guard and Cobra Officer

Snake Eyes, Blowtorch and Beach Head

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