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G.I. Joe Wave 2 NOW available at Walmart!

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July 31, 2017

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"Yo! Joe!  G.I. Joe!  A Real American Hero!" --> If that doesn't put you right back into the sand pit or curled up on your couch after school with a bowl of Captain Crunch then I don't know what does!  G.I. Joe is a pillar of our youth!  The TV series!  The Toys!  The Vehicles!  The Playsets!  Heaven!  I got my first G.I. Joe when I was 10.  There used to be a spinner rack at Thriftys that had Star Wars toys on it.  My Dad would take me to Thriftys after school to buy me a Star Wars toy and an Ice Cream.  It was heaven!  One day we showed up and there was this new thing on the spinner rack called G.I Joe.  They looked cool.  I got Major Bludd.  I took it home, played with him for hours and never looked back!  All subsequent Christmas' were dedicated to Joe!  G.I. Joe was a pivotol part of a curated imagination --> fun, play, fantasy and all around cool!  I loved the characters, their accessories, their weapons, the full armories, the decals for the vehicles.  G.I. Joe was the perfect toy!  Over  30 years later now I'm making them!  How cool is that?!  Talk about full circle!  

There's an obvious passion for this line - all wrapped up in fun, imagination and warm, rich memories.  We did our bestest to bring these rich characteristics back to you in our Action Vinyls format!  We packed these figures with articulation, accessories, weapons, collector cards, RARE Chase figures and we limited the pressing so these will stay collectible!  We're trying to bring the Christmas tree and Christmas morning back to you in August!  Get back in that blanket fort, don't waste another second!  Start your Army Build!  These guys are hyper posable, even can stand in a kicking pose!  Great for retelling your favorite G.I. Joe battle scenes and storylines from your favorite TV episode!  Go! Joe!

Available NOW at Walmart in Limited Supply!





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