I got to be honest - When the delivery truck showed up with the shipment, it was like Christmas Morning.  David and myself unloaded the shipment, cracked open a few boxes and I swore, I saw lights from heaven shoot out of those boxes.  Not suggesting any religious under, over or even middle tones but the unveiling of the Large Format Kid Dragon was somewhat a moving experience.  We had labored over the production of these beautiful replicas for months, obsessing over each detail.  The Kid Dragon was first featured as a figurative painting from Sam Flores.  We wanted to retain that ethereal, melancholic and painterly aesthetic that is Sam Flores.  I believe we achieved it.  It's as if the two dimensional image covered in its harmonious layers of paint jumped from the canvas and into a three dimensional reality.  You need to see it to believe it.  And you can, by going to the Kid Robot Store in LA.  The Kid Dragon is featured right in the center on an equally lucid, under lit incandescent, triptych platform.  It's truly a beautiful sight.  Take one home.  Inquire with Kid Robot about availability and enjoy the physical representation floating quietly and lucid through the walls and floors of your living space.  Certificates of Authenticity designed and signed by Sam Flores accompany the piece.

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