Gudetama! Exclusive and available now at Hot Topic!

Gudetama, "The Lazy Egg" available now and Exclusive to Hot Topic!  

Here's my story about Gudetama -

About three years ago I was travelling in Japan.  I saw this egg character everywhere.  At first it seemed totally nonsensical but I immediately loved it.  After digging a bit deeper I found the context and "why" for this character.  Now it made perfect sense.  Gudetama is derivitive of the word/phrase "gude, gude" describing someone with low energy and strength.  Tama is derivative or slang from the word tamago or "egg".  It's a social satirical characterization of Japanese millennials, and really, fits a satirical narrative for all millennials.  A sort of "failure to launch" description, still (nearly) embryonic.  I found the characters with their "can't be bothered" attitude, their cute little butts and hiding behind their eggshells to be absolutely adorable!  I called Sanrio and said "Please work with TLS, I absolutely L O V E these characters!"  Sanrio was kind enough to get it going with TLS and alas, a year and a half later, the first Gudetama collectible series from The Loyal Subjects was born!  Included are RARE chase figures, several accessories, collector cards and dispaly stands (eggshells with small display bases).  I'm extremely proud of this series, I hope you all embrace it.  It's VERY limited and exclusive to Hot Topic.  These guys will bring some joy to your collection, definitely check them out!

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